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Why We Love the Wicker Basket

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From the kitchen to the picnic table, wicker baskets are amazingly versatile home storage accessories.

From the kitchen to the picnic table, wicker baskets are amazingly versatile home storage accessories.

From holding linens in your spare bedroom to storing books and magazines on your coffee table, there are hundreds of ways to creative use a wicker basket to add style and functional storage to your home.

In fact, the simple but stylish wicker basket might be the ultimate storage accessory for the home. In this post, we’ll share six reasons we love the wicker basket, whether it’s used for functional storage or as a stylish interior design accessory.

It’s amazingly versatile

There are hundreds of ways to use a wicker basket. Store dirty laundry beside your washing machine, sort and store children’s toys to avoid creating clutter or use it as a packing basket for your next picnic.

More than any other home storage item, the wicker basket is amazingly versatile – a storage accessory that can really do anything. From linens to books, a wicker basket has hundreds of storage uses.

It’s timelessly stylish

Interior decorating trends come and go. Remember the hideous popcorn ceilings of the 1970s? While some design trends are undoubtedly products of their time, others are completely timeless.

The wicker basket falls into the second category. Timelessly stylish, a wicker basket looks just as good in a modern apartment as it does in a classic or mid-century home or retro living space.

It’s really durable

The wicker basket might be lighter than most home storage containers, but it’s also amazingly strong. Wicker weaving is incredibly durable, with even light baskets able to hold a surprisingly heavy load.

When wicker baskets are cared for, they can look fantastic for years without fading or falling apart. From the living room to the bathroom, wicker baskets aren’t just a stylish storage option – they’re a highly durable one too.

It can complete a room

Some rooms just feel incomplete without the right accessories. A wicker basket can add a touch of style to every room in your home, from a sleek and modern bedroom to a classic, early 20th century bathroom.

Choose a wicker basket that matches your home’s interior design and you’ll add an excellent visual complement to any room in your home. A couple of wicker baskets are a fantastic visual statement, especially on a kitchen counter or coffee table.

It makes decluttering easy

Is your home becoming uncomfortably cluttered with clothes, accessories and other items? Decluttering can be difficult, especially when you don’t have a basket to store possessions while you clean out and organise a room.

Thanks to their lightweight materials and durable design, wicker baskets are perfect decluttering tools. Keep one next to you while you declutter and use it to quickly and easily organise misplaced items.

It’s available in many styles

Wicker baskets aren’t just amazingly versatile when it comes to function – they’re also amazingly visually versatile. A huge variety of wicker baskets are available in many different colours, making them a visual match for any room’s interior décor.

From natural light brown to dark brown seagrass, wicker baskets are available in a variety of colours and materials. Whether your living room is sleek and modern or warm and colourful, there’s a wicker basket to complement its colour scheme.

5 Signs You’re Becoming a Hoarder, and Our Tips to Stop it Happening

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Is clutter taking over your home? If so, you could be a hoarder.

Is clutter taking over your home? If so, you might be becoming a hoarder.

Do you hold onto items long after they’ve stopped being useful? From old clothes to accessories, antiques and furniture, some people fill their living space with clutter of all different types and varieties.

It’s called hoarding, and it’s a real medical condition. Hoarders can’t stand to give up their possessions and fill their homes with anything they feel is worth collecting and storing.

Hoarding can lead to clutter, serious clutter. In this post, we’ll share give signs that you might be becoming a hoarder, as well as some simple tips to ensure you don’t let your home become cluttered with old and unused items.

You keep items long after they’ve stopped being useful

Do you keep magazines for months after they’ve become irrelevant? A common sign of hoarding disorder is holding onto items that have no purpose or value just so you still have them.

If your coffee table is getting covered in old magazines and newspapers, pack them all up at once and dispose of them in one fell swoop. Every time you receive the next month’s issue, use the opportunity to dispose of last month’s copy.

You feel a certain attachment to everyday home items

It’s perfectly normal to feel an emotional attachment to a treasured family heirloom or your favourite children’s toy. It’s not, however, normal to feel an attachment to a napkin or an old pair of socks.

If you feel emotionally attached to items that have no real use or value, you might be a hoarder. Detach yourself from items by recognising that they’re not that important to you and that your life is just as full, interesting and fun without them.

Your obsession with clutter gets in the way of life

Have you missed appointments because you were too busy storing items inside your closet or chest of drawers? Not all hoarders are untidy – in fact, a lot of hoarders are obsessed with organising their collection of semi-useful items.

If you spend so much time hoarding and organising items that it’s getting in the way of your social life, there’s a good chance you have a hoarding disorder. Take a break and let life’s most important priorities go ahead of organising your shoe collection.

You constantly buy (or take) unnecessary, worthless items

Do you really need to take home unused napkins after your meal? Many hoarders are always on the lookout for free things to take home with them and store in case the day they’re required finally arrives.

From ketchup packets to free napkins, hoarders’ homes are often full of worthless free items. Avoid turning your home into a hoarder’s closet by asking yourself if it’s really worth taking something home just because it’s available for free.

Sections of your home are becoming inaccessible due to clutter

Is your desk so covered in documents, magazines and catalogues that it’s impossible to work on? Is your living room so full of trinkets and accessories that you can’t even sit down to watch TV?

When hoarding stops you from accessing or using parts of your home, it’s the right time to start decluttering. Sort your office documents into filing boxes and use a mix of plastic storage boxes and baskets to organise your living room and bedroom clutter.