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How to Quickly and Easily Organise Your Home Office for Summer

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A clean, tidy and organised home office makes staying productive simple.

A clean, tidy and organised home office makes staying productive simple.

For people that work from home, having an organised, neat and tidy office is the key to productivity. When documents are easier to find and space less cluttered, getting important work completed goes from challenging to natural.

Summer’s in full swing, making it a great time to clean up and tidy your office for the warmer weather. From organising books and documents to decluttering your desk, read on to learn how to quickly and easily organise your home office for summer.

Perform a summer clean-up over the weekend

Have you ever sat down at a messy desk on Monday and found it hard to even start working? Working at a messy desk is difficult, not only because it’s hard to find the items you need but because the environment isn’t suited to optimal productivity.

Give yourself a good start every Monday by cleaning up your office, particularly your desk, over the weekend. A quick clean-up on Friday evening or Sunday is often all it takes to make your office a mega-productive space during the week.

Start with your desk and organise outward

One of the toughest parts of cleaning up your home office is working out where to start. Should you organise your bookshelf, clean up your desk or start by throwing away unused items that are cluttering up tables and other spaces?

Give yourself a simple place to start organising by beginning with your work desk and organising outwards. This way, you’ll clean, decluttering and organise the most important parts of your office first before moving on to the smaller, easier jobs.

Simplify and organise your computer’s cables

Cable management is one of the most important yet frequently ignored aspects of creating a clean and tidy office space. If your computer workstation has cables that are wound up and untidy, it creates a fire and falling risk for your work area.

Declutter and organise your computer’s cables by clipping small cables together to reduce the amount of space they take up, installing cables against walls and pieces of furniture and fixing cables to the underside of your desk for a cleaner look.

Put your most-used items inside a storage box

What are the top five office items you couldn’t live without? From your best pen to your trusty iPad, there are certain items that are highly useful for work but easy to misplace.

Keep your office clean, clutter-free and organised by storing your most-used items inside a storage box on top of your desk. A two-drawer chest can sit nicely on top of your work desk, making it easy to access the items you need, when you need them.

Scan and throw away old, unneeded documents

Is your home office full of documents that were only relevant several months or years ago? Having a home office that’s cluttered with old items may not be a sign that you’re a hoarder, but it definitely means your office could use a clean-up.

Keep your office free of clutter by scanning any documents that are older than six months and don’t need a physical copy. Once you’ve backed up the digital copies using Google Drive or Dropbox, you can throw away the originals for less clutter.

Tidiness and Productivity: How Being Tidy Makes You More Efficient

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The cleaner and more organised your office, the easier you'll find it to focus.

The cleaner and more organised your office, the easier you’ll find it to focus.

Think productivity is all about willpower? While your work ethic plays an important role in helping you achieve your goals and meet your targets, your environment also has a significant effect on your ability to work hard to be productive.

Step into a messy, cluttered office and it’s highly likely that your mind will take on a similar form, making achieving peak productivity difficult. Step into a clean and tidy office and the opposite effects – mental clarity and focus – could be the result.

Not everyone is affected equally by their work environment, but everyone has some level of reaction to the environment they work in. In this post, we’ll share four ways being tidy helps you work efficiently and get more done during the workday.

Being tidy makes important documents, items and resources easy to find

Have you ever misplaced an important contract, receipt or document? It’s very easy to lose documents when your workspace is a cluttered mess, leading to wasted time spent looking for things that aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy, however, and you’ll never need to search for a document or item you need. A simple sorting system is often all it takes to transform your office from a mixed collection of items into an easily sortable system.

Keeping your desk tidy makes it easy to start work when you sit down

You’ve had breakfast and finished your morning coffee, and now it’s time to start the workday. Sit down at the clear, neat and tidy desk and your mind will move straight to work; sit at a messy desk and you’ll find it difficult to focus at all.

Research shows that people find it easier to focus on work when they’re in a clean, neat and organised environment. Every piece of clutter – from desktop documents to stacks of books and magazines – has a negative effect on your productivity level.

Tidying up your work area is a great way to signal the end of work time

Do you feel stressed and overworked even after the workday is over? Many people struggle to separate their leisure time and work time, particularly if they work from home in an office that’s part of their house or apartment.

Keeping your office organised and tidy can make it easier to separate the workday from your free time. Tidy up your workspace for 10 minutes at the end of each day to make it clear that work is over and your free time has begun.

With a tidy workspace, you’ll know exactly where to pick up the next day

With a tidy workspace, it’s easy to pick up where you left off on a long-term project that requires continual effort. With a cluttered and disorganised workplace, on the other hand, finding out where to pick up after a break can be challenging.

When you keep your workplace neat and organised, it’s easy to see where to begin at the start of each day. Clear away items on your desktop and only leave behind the essentials so you know exactly what to focus on as soon as you sit down.