Best Vacuum For Long Hair Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you concerned about cleaning up long hairs in your home? Are you not satisfied with your current vacuum and seeing it not clean up the mess that your pet or long hairs make? Then you should consider investing in a good vacuum which will solve your problems.

The best vacuum for long hair will make your life easier, make your house spotless and will also ensure that your vacuum is not all clogged up. Still confused if you want to go for this option? Go through this article, and I’m sure you will find out its proper use and immediately go out and buy one.

In a Hurry? Check Our picks Of Top Rated Vacuums For Long Hair

Product Name Rating Check Price
BISSELL Cleanview Swivel 4.5 Check Latest Price
Shark Rotator TruePet (NV752) 4.5 Check Latest Price
Eureka Mighty Might 3670G 4.3 Check Latest Price
Shark Navigator Professional 4.3 Check Latest Price
Shark ION Robot Vacuum 3.9 Check Latest Price

Top 10 Best Long Hair Cleaning Vacuum Reviews

Down below are our top picks which we found were the best in the market. If you are curious to know what those products are, keep on reading to find out!

1. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum CleanerBISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the best options for someone on a moderate budget and trying to make the best use of their investment. It has excellent features combined with the comfortability it provides.

  • Triple Action Brush Roll

The brush roll is probably one of the most important features in a vacuum cleaner, and it comes with a special triple-action one which increases its productivity.

This advanced brush roll is efficient enough to provide advanced cleaning features. It also helps in doing a deep clean of the floor or the surface and gets rid of debris and long hair conveniently.

  • Cyclone Cleaning

Coming with a unique feature, this vacuum will get rid of dirt in a special way by creating a sufficient amount of airflow which will, in turn, support the pressure of the vacuum.

It will also let you keep the dirt away from the machine and prevents clogging. By separating the dirt and debris from the airflow, this feature will help you a lot in terms of airflow.

  • Spotless And Harmless Clean

While cleaning with this vacuum, you will find that your floor surface will be cleaned in such a way that you will find no debris left.

Some of the vacuums are only good for pushing away debris, but this one catches all the dirt and will also save you time while cleaning because of its pace. It is thus sometimes identified as the best vacuum for human hair cleaning.

  • Height Settings

There are up to 5 height settings for this vacuum cleaner. You will be able to turn your nob to the right setting and then adjust it according to your floor height.

  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Has different height adjustment options
  • Can be maneuvered easily for cleaning
  • Dust cup can be emptied easily
  • Cleaning can be done on thick carpets
  • HEPA Filter is not available
  • Suction power is lower

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How wide can it sweep?

It can sweep around an area of 13 inches.

  1. Will this vacuum automatically adjust the height?

No, it will not. But there is a dial which you can easily use to change between the 5 height settings.

2. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Upright VacuumShark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter

Built powerfully, this will be a flexible option for your usage at home. It also has a good bit of flexibility and can also be converted into a portable canister which makes it unique.

  • Motorized Brush-roll

This feature ensures that the tool has enough power to clean up any dirt and debris that is there and it also ensures that a deep clean has been performed.

  • Powerful Suction

It has a good suction power which is essential while cleaning up carpeted or bare surfaces. Exceptional suction is also good while you are cleaning with your brush-roll off.

  • Helps To Breathe Comfortably

The built-in HEPA filter allows you to get rid of tobacco smokes, mold spores, etc. from the air. It will also help to keep the air clean and will be helpful for people suffering from allergy or some other diseases.

This also has a complete seal of Anti-allergen which means that allergens will not be able to find a leak through the HEPA filter which makes it a very good option for cleaning.

  • Visibility

This tool increases visibility as it has built-in LED lights which ensures that you can clean up the dirt easily and can also work under low-light conditions.

Also, it has a failsafe feature which allows it to shut down if it is obstructed and which will also not prevent you from being occupied.

  • Easier to handle and has a good design
  • Powerful suction and lift-away facility
  • The sealed system along with HEPA filtration
  • A dynamic swivel makes it flexible to move around
  • Ensures increased visibility
  • Requires frequent cleaning up
  • Sometimes slips over in lift-away mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you wash the filter?

Yes, you can wash it, and it is very easy to do so.

  1. What attachments are there with this one?

You will get a hard/bare floor attachment, crevice tool, a pet fabric tool, and a dust brush with the vacuum cleaner.

3. Eureka Mighty Might 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum CleanerEureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

For the bare floor, hardwood and tiled surface, this vacuum cleaner is the best option in cleaning because it will give you the required efficiency and maneuverability and proper cleaning system.

  • Lightweight And Portable

Cleaning up has never been this fun for you. I’m sure because you are yet to test this one! This lightweight option will be very convenient to move around the house, and you will also be able to work outside of your home to clean up the dirt from your garage.

Also, you will be able to clean up your ceiling if it is not that high as it has a good reach which adds up to the uniqueness of this one.

  • Accessibility

It will be very easy to reach corners which you thought were impossible to reach with this one. Areas which are tough to reach like your curtains or the corners of your room will be easily cleaned up.

Also, it will tidy up with a wide reach so that you will not need to move back and forth much.

  • Extension Wand

You will be able to add an extension wand to your tool to make it larger which will increase the width of the vacuum by nearly 8 inches and will cover up to 20 inches area.

  • Power-Touch Handle

This tool is really easy to use because of its functions. This power-touch option will let you start the machine at once, and thus you will not have to be bothered about anything else.

  • Outdoor surfaces and ceilings can be cleaned
  • Can be maneuvered easily and used efficiently
  • Appropriate for all types of floor
  • Contains various attachment tools
  • Suction ability is higher
  • Not very durable
  • HEPA filtration is not available

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this cleaner come with a bag?

Yes, it does come with a bag. However, you should look to buy one in case you need more.

  1. Does it scratch hardwood floors?

No, it doesn’t, and rather you will enjoy a cleaner floor after you’re done.

4. Shark Navigator Professional Upright VacuumShark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

If you’re a stickler for getting everything clean properly without leaving any scratches behind, then this is the best option for you. It is powerful, robust, affordable and good for cleaning the furniture.

  • Easy To Steer And Maneuver

The slim and compact design of this tool allows it to move freely without being obstructed by furniture.

Also, the crevice tool is important for maneuvering the tool to clean beneath the furniture. Throughout the whole cleaning time, users will be at ease and feel comfortable.

  • Efficient

Several features ensure the tool works efficiently. Motorized brush roll and its variable-speed productively keep the surface clean and removes the stubborn stains.

Moreover, the suction power is higher because of the detachable canister, and its portability also ensures the product is efficient.

  • Multipurpose

Coming with a variety of tools, this gadget can be used according to different purposes. For example, if you are willing to clean your carpet and bare floors, you can do that.

You can also clean up your stairs and hardwood with this cleaner. Pet-hair power brush and an Under-appliance wand add to the functionality and variety of the product.

  • Requires Less Storage

This cleaner is very compact and only requires a bit of space to store. It is also lightweight, user-friendly and can be easily carried from one place to the other. This also has a large capacity of storage and also a unique feature of protection from dust which is good from people suffering from allergies and asthma.

  • Swivel steering is flexible
  • Can clean both carpeted and bare floors
  • Filters can be rinsed in water
  • Brush-roll can be switched on and off
  • Minimal sound and vibration
  • Needs to be cleaned regularly
  • Difficult to push on deeper carpets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I avoid stench?

If you wash the filters right away after using, stench won’t develop.

  1. Is the power cord retractable?

No, it is not.

5. Shark ION Robot VacuumShark ION Robot Vacuum

If you have tiles or hard floor and you want to clean them up, then you may go for this one as it has a lot of features to make your life easier, but it is not a very good option if your floor is carpeted.

  • Short Project Based

If you want to get a vacuum cleaner which will help you in short-term projects and will let you keep the floors free of debris before a long and smooth clean, then this is a very good option for you.

This tool has rotating sweepers, and 2 of them means that they will easily clean up everything.

  • Technology Oriented

One of the unique features about this gadget is that it has Wi-Fi connectivity and you will also be able to control this one with remote control and easily turn it on or off.

You will be able to get answers to your FAQs, tech support and maintenance reminders with the help of the app system.

  • Navigation And Other Sensors

This tool is really easy to navigate, and it usually navigates on your own. It may seem that it will miss spots if it is on its own, but it rarely does. Also, when the battery power is low, the tool automatically gets back to its docking station.

  • Dust Bin And HEPA Filter

You can easily pull out the dust bin from this cleaner, and there is also a HEPA filter which will reduce particle emission from the bin.

  • Has advanced features
  • Supervision is not required
  • HEPA filtration is available
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dirt bin has a small capacity
  • Can’t be used efficiently in carpeted houses

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to recharge?

It takes merely 2-3 hours to recharge the tool

  1. How often do I have to empty it?

You may empty it after you use it every time, but that depends on how much cleaning you’re doing. It is good to empty it once a day on average.

6. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum- CordedDyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Identified as the all-round vacuum, this is a very good option if you’re on a tight budget and looking for something convenient and efficient and also providing ease of use.

  • Ball Technology & Instant Release Wand

If you’re finding it hard to clean awkward places and not finding your pick, this should solve your problems.

You will be able to clean tough places with a flick of the wrist with the ball technology. The instant release wand will allow you to clean the ceiling and upper areas.

  • Supports Healthy Cleaning

Coming with a cyclone system, this vacuum cleaner traps the dirt from the air and filters it properly. It also ensures a HEPA filtration system.

This model has been identified as certified asthma and allergy-free model, and thus it supports the notion of healthy cleaning which can be effective.

  • Easy To Steer

Although the build of this model is strong and it is heavy, it is straightforward to clean through difficult areas, and it can be maneuvered easily enough in tough areas.

The vacuum cleaner is cheaper compared to the other high-quality ones of this brand, but it doesn’t compromise its quality and although it is heavier it manages to clean debris smoothly.

  • Hidden Dirt Clean

This tool has a strong suction power which can clean dirt which is not visible even to the human eye. It can easily clean through carpeted areas.

The cleaner head of the tool is self-adjusted, and the motorized brush bar allows the tool to move efficiently.

  • Can be moved around with ease
  • Suction power is very high
  • Easier to empty the bins after usage
  • Tricky places can be cleaned comfortably
  • Works well on both hardwood and carpeted zones
  • Can be difficult to push on a plush carpet
  • Higher suction may cause a problem on some carpets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this one like the Dyson D65 model?

It is similar to the Dyson D65 one, but it is less expensive and comes with lesser features than the D65 one.

  1. Can I use this one to remove dog hair?

Yes. It works pretty efficiently in cleaning up pet hair.

7. Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerTineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When this product was introduced, it didn’t make any headlines nor did it catch much attention. But it has proved its quality with time and is now considered one of the most effective and cheapest options with proper quality.

  • Good Construction

Coming with a good build, this tool gives a solid feel to the users. The contacts and connections used in this tool make it a durable one.

Also, the body has been made from aluminum which also adds to its durability and good construction. The tires are also rubber-like which is good for the surfaces to be cleaned as they won’t get damaged.

  • Less Noise

If you’re a person who likes to work quietly, this is the cleaner for you. It will make very minimal noise and vibration, and you will be able to even use it in a motorized mode without it making much noise.

  • Powerful And Complete Clean

If you’re currently using an ordinary vacuum cleaner, you will be amazed to know that this vacuum cleaner will offer you 4 times more power than your current tool.

It is also able to do a deep cleaning of your house, ceilings, etc. very easily. The motor is also very powerful, and the tool is lightweight enough to maneuver it properly to get a complete clean. It is thus identified as one of the best vacuum cleaners for long hair.

  • Detachable Battery

You will be able to detach the 2 lithium-ion batteries from the machine and recharge them, and they will last up to 50 minutes when charged.

Switch-lock feature will allow you to work on a continuous power mode. The HEPA filtration system is also a unique feature in a cheap-budgeted option like this.

  • LED brush eases in difficult cleaning
  • Good build with the higher suction power
  • Cordless and ultra-quiet
  • Can be used to clean the full home
  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • Run time is not much
  • Can’t properly clean thick carpets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I have to turn off the battery after charging?

This battery has a self-shutting function and it will thus automatically shut down once charged fully.

  1. How much time do I need to charge the battery for?

If you charge it for 3-3.5 hours, you will get the job done.

8. Onson Stick Vacuum CleanerONSON Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking to clean up all types of furniture using a tool which has a lot of power and will get your job done in minutes, then this is the one to look forward to.

  • Cheaper And Better

Although it is a very affordable option, it doesn’t compromise in terms of quality. You will even get HEPA filtration which sometimes isn’t available even in the high priced cleaners.

A spare filter will also make your life easier, and the speed of this tool will save a lot of your time and energy.

  • Maneuverable And Accessible

Even if you tip the scale at 5 pounds or so, you will still end up cleaning the whole area and every bit of dirt without getting dirt on you which proves that it is easily maneuverable.

Also, the suction power is higher. It can also access all the corners of the place you’re cleaning up and can remove debris irrespective of their size.

  • Lightweight And Cordless

This cleaner comes without the hassle of a cord and thus is easily portable and movable. Also, it weights below 5.1lbs which makes it even easier to carry through and work.

You can convert it into a handheld machine too if you want and go for deep cleaning and it will not tire you out.

  • Disturbance Free

Working at a lower frequency, this tool allows you to go for cleaning without a lot of sound and disturbance which creates a comfortable working condition.

  • Ensures quality performance
  • Disturbance-free
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Good for longer projects
  • Not very durable
  • Suction power is not compatible with all kinds of materials

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to push the on and off switch time and again?

No, you will not need to do that. It will stay at the function you chose.

  1. Can I replace the battery?

No, the battery is not either removable or replaceable.

9. Comfyer Cordless Vacuum CleanerComfyer Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is often considered as one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners which is a pretty big statement and it costs 3 times less than its rivals. This can be maintained and operated easily which adds to the benefit of the product.

  • Cordless To Handheld Conversion

If you are a person who is looking for a 2-in-1 facility in your vacuum and you want it to be both cordless and handheld, then this might be a good pick for you.

Coming with powerful suction, you will also be able to clean tight areas with this and use it in your house or vehicles.

  • Convenient Maintenance And Operation

You will be able to use this tool very quickly, and the operation panel of this tool is also very integrated. Also, you will be able to empty the dust with just a click which makes the maintenance easier.

  • Flexible And Durable

In case you are looking for a cleaner which you want to move around in different working areas and stations, then this might be a flexible option for you.

It also has a runtime of around 45-50 minutes, which is more than enough to get your job done and you will be able to recharge it. The 2200mAh battery can also be purchased separately.

  • Comfortable For Shorter Projects

In the light of the qualities of the product, it can be easily concluded that you will be able to work comfortably on your low pile carpets and wooden floor with this tool.

It may not be suitable for longer projects, but it still keeps the environment clean, and the HEPA filtration system ensures that and this system can also be cleaned.

  • The battery can be replaced easily
  • Can switch between cordless and handheld option
  • The swivel can be rotated up to 180 degrees
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Easy to clean up smaller houses and carpets
  • Power is not higher like other ones
  • Can’t do well on big projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I wash the filters?

Yes, you will be able to detach the filters and wash them.

  1. How will I know about my charge?

There will be a battery indicator to let you know.

10. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet Upright Vacuum CleanerHoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is identified as one of the best-rated vacuums for long hair due to its high power suction. If you want to clean bare floors and carpeted floors, you won’t find a better option.

  • High-Power Suction

If you’re looking to get a deep and thorough cleanup of your house and looking to get rid of debris, it will be a good idea to use this tool. It has a powerful suction which will do your work within minutes.

From its name, we can understand that a wind tunnel technology is there at the nozzle along with a multi-cyclone system feature in the dust cup. This combination will allow the machine to capture dirt efficiently.

  • Good For Pets

If you have pets and if you’re concerned about the odor and the dirt they are creating, then you will be happy to take this one home because it is the perfect solution to your problem.

It has carbon HEPA filtration which will keep your air clean from the smell and also has a 15ft of extended reach with a reasonably long power cord and hose.

  • Pivoting Dusting Tool And Pet Turbo Tool

These two features make this tool more interesting. Pivoting dusting tool will allow you to clean shelves, ceilings which means that you won’t need another vacuum for that.

A pet turbo tool is also a great option because you will be able to clean hair from stairs, upholsteries, and other areas. There is also a crevice tool for working on tight spaces.

  • Strong And Ease Of Use

Although this vacuum cleaner is considerably heavy, you shouldn’t have any discomfort working with it. It is also effortless to use, and you will be able to change the settings of the tool with the on/off switch in case you are changing your cleaning area from carpets to hard floors.

  • Attachments are really useful
  • Strong suction ability
  • HEPA filtration enabled
  • Has a long power cord and hose
  • Good for working on both carpets and hard floors
  • Can be a bit heavy for some people
  • Pushing on a carpet may be a bit tough

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it contain a retractable power cord?

No, it does not.

  1. Can I wash the filters of my vacuum cleaner?

It comes with three filters namely HEPA, Carbon, and Standard filter. Among these three, you can only wash the Standard filter.

How Do I Know Which One Is The Best Vacuum for Long Hair?

what is the Best Vacuum for Long Hair

Once you go through all the reviews, you will have a good idea about how to identify a good vacuum cleaner for long hair. But if you’re still confused before buying one, just have a look at this section and find out the important things before buying a vacuum.

  • Portability

If you also want your vacuum cleaner to be portable, you should go for a cordless one. The cordless ones will be lightweight, handy, and compact but they will also cost you more money. Also, they will run on battery and so won’t last much.

On the other hand, corded options will be cheaper for you, but if the cord is not long enough, you will need to change the plugs after some time. Also, they are not flexible to move and usually are very robust.

  • Warranty

Most of the buyers like to purchase products with a good warranty because it makes them feel safe. A good warranty only means the product can be fixed but not that the product is very good.

So, a user will have to first choose carefully and then look for warranty options. In this area, products with a 7-year warranty can also be found, and anyone willing to buy a product with a warranty should go for these.

  • Comparison

Before buying a product, one should compare it with the similar models or models of other brands to have a broad idea of what his/her intended cleaner is providing.

For example, with a lower budget, you can have a vacuum cleaner offering you the same features as an expensive one and sometimes you may have a good cleaner with a lower suction power when you needed a cleaner with a higher suction power in comparison to that one.

So you must sort out the type of cleaner you need before going out to buy one.

  • Anti-Allergen Filters

HEPA filtration and anti-allergen filtration systems will make your life more comfortable and will remove the bad smell from the air. So, if you are willing to buy a vacuum cleaner, you should look for these features.

  • Weight And Power

You will have to push and pull your vacuum and carry it through your house. Thus you will have to consider the weight portion very carefully because you don’t want to end up with a heavy cleaner which you are not able to carry.

Depending on the type of cleaning, you should choose the power of your tool and should opt for higher powered ones in case you are confused.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions? Go through this section, and you may find your question and answer among these.

  1. What is the one feature in vacuum cleaners which is very important in cleaning long hairs?

If your vacuum cleaner has automatic brush-roll clean technology, you will find it easy to clean up long hairs.

  1. How long will I have to charge my cleaner for?

It usually takes 3-4 hours on average to charge a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Can the HEPA filter be washed regularly?

It mainly depends on the type of cleaner you’re purchasing. You should check the manual of your brand first.

  1. How can I understand if my vacuum has powerful suction?

You will get to know the details of your vacuum cleaner’s motor before buying your tool. If the motor is powerful, then the suction will also be powerful.

  1. When will I change or clean the filters?

It mostly depends on the type of vacuum you’re using. But you can clean it daily as most people do or wait for a smell coming from the cleaner.

  1. What is the best vacuum cleaner?

If your vacuum cleaner is comfortable enough to carry, has good suction power, and comes with useful accessories, then it is a very good cleaner.

  1. Is the HEPA filter necessary?

This filter is useful for not letting the dust go into the air. Thus, it may be useful for people suffering from allergy and asthma but not a mandatory option for other people.

  1. Which one is better between Canister and Upright Vacuums?

It depends on the surface you will be cleaning. Canister vacuums are for moving around and reaching difficult areas where upright ones are good for cleaning up thick carpeted areas.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how valuable a vacuum cleaner is, you must be eagerly waiting to buy the best vacuum for long hair.

If you’re looking for a vacuum with good suction power, you can go for Tineco A10, Hoover WindTunnel 3, Dyson Ball Multi Floor, etc.

In case you want something portable and handy, you can go for Bissell Cleanview, Eureka Mighty Might, etc. And if you want a product with a good warranty, you can buy Shark Rotator, Shark Navigator, etc.

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