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Our Favourite Cleaning and Tidying Quotes

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Clear your living environment and you'll also clear your mind of stress and frustration.

Clear your living environment and you’ll also clear your mind of stress and frustration.

What’s your favourite quote? From introspective sayings to motivational one-liners, everyone has a favourite quote or two. Your favourite quotes might encourage you to work harder and take action, but do they make your home more organised?

From influential historical figures to everyday people, we’ve put together a list of our favourite cleaning and tidying quotes to inspire you to keep your home clean, neat and tidy this winter.

“Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit”

Have you ever felt mentally cluttered? It could be because your environment is also cluttered and disorganised. Research shows that spending time in a clean living and work environment clears your mind and helps you be more focused.

‘‘Minimalism is living with what you need, what you love, and that’s it.”

Minimalism doesn’t mean throwing everything away and living without any of your favourite possessions – it often just means downsizing to what you need. Discard the things you don’t need and you’ll often become a much happier, motivated person.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor, but anything that stands between you and the life you wish to be living.”

Clutter isn’t always physical – it’s often mental clutter. Things like stress from work or jealousy over someone else getting ahead in a certain area of life can clutter our minds and prevent us from living the lives we want.

“Tis better to donate than to accumulate.”

Being charitable does a huge amount to help the community, particularly people in need. It also makes you feel good – after all, there’s no feeling as great as knowing that you’ve helped someone get ahead in life.

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Everything significant in life has been made one step at a time. When you take small steps towards your goal – whether it’s a clean and tidy home or a great career – you will eventually get there, given enough time and patience.

“Organisation isn’t about perfection, it’s about efficiency, reducing stress, clutter and saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”

Many messy people make the argument that cleaning is pointless, since nothing will ever be clean for long. They’re right and wrong at the same time; nothing will ever be perfect, but it can always be better, smarter or more effective.

 “Never organise what you can discard.”

Organising only works to a certain extent – if you’re organising something you never use, you’re hardly becoming more efficient. Sometimes it’s better to let go and throw an unused item or personal limitation away rather than organising it.

 “Creativity is a gift, it doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered.”

A lot of people struggle to be creative because their minds are dominated by work-related stresses and thoughts. Clearing your home can have a therapeutic effect on your mind and reignite your creative drive.

“The only way to discover our true potential is to clear out the clutter and focus on what matters.”

Sometimes decluttering can be an important step on the path to discovering more about yourself. Clean out and organise your home this year – Our plastic storage boxes are great for professional decluttering – and you’ll feel more inspired during 2015.

8 Reasons to Have a Clean and Tidy Home

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A clean and tidy home often means a clean, tidy and more creative mind.

A clean and tidy home often means a clean, tidy and more creative mind.

Is your home starting to become a little bit too cluttered? While a bit of clutter here and there can add character to your home, too much can have a serious effect on an incredible number of things, fro your productivity to your mental health.

We’re serious – while having a messy and cluttered home has numerous downsides, having a clean and tidy home has nothing but upsides. From earning more at work to feeling better at home, being neat and tidy has a multitude of benefits.

In this post, we’ve catalogued eight of our favourite reasons to keep your home neat, clean and tidy. From health to child safety, read on to learn why cleanliness should always be a priority in your home.

It just looks and feels better

Does anything look and feel as good as a clean, tidy and organised home? From the perfect spotless living room to an elegant shoe storage solution, there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of a perfectly fresh, clean and organised home.

Hosting guests is a breeze

Are you afraid to host guests because your home is too messy? When you make it a habit to clean up and organise your home frequently, there’s never any pre-dinner party rush to clean up your home and make it more presentable to guests.

It makes you more productive

Seriously – being clean and tidy makes you more productive at work. Studies show that people who live and work in clean environments tend to be more focused and productive at work, letting them generate better results and earn more money.

It’s better for your mental health

Not only does a clean and tidy living environment make your mind more focused; it also makes it mentally healthier. Cleaning your home, along with other home tasks, can improve your mental health and prevent depression, according to a 2008 study.

It’s safer, especially for children

From children’s toys to electrical cables, a cluttered home includes lots of things for you – and more likely, your children – to trip and fall on. Keeping your home clean and tidy not only makes it healthier – it also makes it a lot safer to live in.

It frees you to be more creative

When you don’t need to worry about cleaning up, your mind is free to focus on any other topic you’re interested in. Spend more time at work or rediscover the hidden creative side of your personality – the tidier your home, the tidier your mind.

It stops dust and mould forming

When you forget to sweep and vacuum, dust can collect in your home and make its way into your body’s airway, leading to colds and coughs. Likewise, failing to clean dark or damp closets can lead to dangerous, illness-inducing mould forming.

It lets you sit back and relax

Instead of arriving home from work and worrying about cleaning up, a clean and tidy house lets you arrive home and put your feet up. Sit back and relax knowing your home is already clean and organised instead of stressing every weeknight.

Age Appropriate Cleaning Ideas for Toddlers to Teenagers

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Teach your children how to clean up early and they'll never forget.

Teach your children how to clean up early and they’ll never forget.

From two years of age to late teens, getting the kids to clean up after themselves and keep the house clutter-free is always challenging. While some kids take naturally to cleaning, others will do almost anything to avoid tidying up.

Just like games and activities can make eating bland-tasting foods fun for toddlers, the right combination of fun activities and cleaning techniques can make cleaning a much more enjoyable activity for toddlers, juniors and teenagers alike.

If you’re struggling to teach your children the importance of cleaning up, give one of the four activity sets below a go. From preschool to high school, the cleaning tactics below will help your kids make cleaning and tidying natural habits.

Cleaning ideas for toddlers (2-3 years of age)

Teach your toddlers to keep the home neat and tidy and you’ll never need to worry about them becoming messy again. While toddlers obviously can’t vacuum carpets or fold towels, there are plenty of cleaning activities that they can do.

Start by teaching your toddlers to pick up toys after their finished playing. Then, get them to start dressing themselves in the morning. Once they’re finished for the day, teach them to put their dirty clothes inside the laundry basket for extra neatness!

Getting your toddlers involved in cleaning up is a great way to teach them the right habits for a neat and tidy life. You can even teach them how to do laundry by letting them help you move clothes from the laundry basket into the washing machine.

Cleaning ideas for preschool-aged children (4-5)

The cleaner and tidier your preschool-aged children are at home, the cleaner they’ll be at school. You can teach your preschool-aged kids all of the toddler-aged cleaning activities above, as well as plenty more.

Start by teaching your children how to set the table, from placemats to spoons and glasses. If they love cleaning up, move on to folding socks, towels, shirts and other clothing to familiarise them with laundry.

Are your preschool-aged kids confident cleaners? Teach them how to take care of plants and other house items – it only takes a few minutes of practice every day to familiarise your kids with watering houseplants.

Cleaning ideas for primary school children (6-12)

Primary school is when kids start to develop their own identity, and it’s also when they start becoming much more attached to their room. Because of this, it’s a great time to teach your kids the importance of keeping their room neat and tidy.

Start by teaching the importance of making your bed in the morning. Making a bed can be surprisingly fun when you turn it into a game – challenge your children with a test to see how quickly they can make their bed after they wake up.

Primary school is also a great time to teach your kids the basics of gardening. Start by teaching the children how to clean up the garden – raking leaves or digging dirt and so on – before moving on to watering and caring for plants.


Cleaning ideas for teenagers (13+)


Teenagers might have a reputation for messiness (to such a point that “teenager’s bedroom” inspires messiness-related nightmares for many parents) but with the right attitude, and the right tasks, they can be incredibly tidy and organised.


Start by teaching the importance of vacuuming, sweeping up dirt and dust and the importance of cleaning out the bathroom. This builds a valuable skill set that your teenagers can apply after they move out of home for university.


Focus on other home-related tasks like changing light bulbs, unblocking drains and shopping for groceries. With enough weekly practice, your teenaged children will be experts at running a home by the time they enter “the real world”.

5 Fun Ways to Get the Kids Involved in Cleaning Your Home

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© Ilona

© Ilona

From summer holidays to busy weekends, there are plenty of moments in which the kids can create mess. From discarded clothes to messy bedrooms, cleaning up often becomes an everyday occurrence with young children.

Luckily, it’s easy to get the kids involved in cleaning up and decluttering. As well as making decluttering easier, getting your kids involved teaches them the importance of being clean, tidy and organised.

In this blog post, we’ll share five fun ways that you can get young children involved in cleaning up your house. From their favourite movies to hide and seek rewards, give these tactics a try next time your home is in need of a weekend clean-up.

Pump up the music and have fun

Do your children have a favourite band? Play their favourite music while you clean up and sing along to make the experience more fun. A playlist of 5-10 songs should be enough to keep you busy while you clean up your home.

Better yet, use their favourite songs as an incentive to clean up. Switch on the stereo in between each room you clean as a reward for putting their clothes, toys and other items back where they belong.

Turn decluttering into a fun game

Who says decluttering has to be boring? Instead of thinking of decluttering as a task, turn it into a fun game. Help your kids count the number of items they clean up and put back where they belong to turn cleaning into a friendly competition.

Just like listening to music doubles as an incentive to clean up, making decluttering into a game doubles as a fantastic way to improve your children’s maths skills and make them more confident counters.

Teach the kids to alphabetize

Does your book shelf need to be reorganised? Instead of storing books without any type of sorting system, use your bookshelf clean-up as an opportunity to teach your children how to alphabetize things.

Start with A, then go on to B, C and so on. You can also alphabetize other objects in your home, from snacks and cooking ingredients inside the pantry to spices you’ve got stored in your kitchen spice rack.

Host your own family fashion show

Are some of your old clothes worn, stained or out of style? Before you throw them away or donate them, have a fun family fashion show where you and your children try on old outfits.

From jackets you haven’t worn since the 1980s to stylish outfits that no longer look as good as they once did, family fashion shows are a great opportunity to show your children the styles and looks of the past while cleaning your home.

Turn cleaning into hide and seek

Here’s a great way to get your children interested in cleaning: hide change around the house for them to find as they clean up. Find 5-10 small coins and hide them in cupboards, under books, behind messy items and elsewhere.

As you and the children clean, you’ll discover these rewards and gain a reason to keep on cleaning. For as little as £2 in coins, you can pack your house with serious cash and turn your weekly clean-up into an exciting treasure hunt.



10 Neat And Tidy Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning

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© Popov

© Popov

Do you hate cleaning? While some people are naturally neat and tidy, others seem to hate cleaning up and organising more than anything else and go out of their way just to avoid having to clean, tidy and organise their home.

While avoiding cleaning up might seem like a great idea in the short term, mess can quickly pile up as time goes on. These 10 tips will help you take action and make the boring task of cleaning far more exciting and enjoyable, as well as far easier.

Turn cleaning into a game

Who says cleaning needs to be boring? Make cleaning fun by turning it into a game of hard work. Challenge yourself to clean a room in record time or compete against one of your friends or family members to see who can clean the most efficiently.

Get friends and family involved

Cleaning alone is a dull activity, but getting your friends and family involved makes it an enjoyable team effort. Instead of tidying up by yourself, ask a friend or family member to join you and make it a cooperative activity.

Clean in small, frequent doses

The longer you spend cleaning, the more boring it gets. Instead of cleaning up once a week in a long session that takes up half of your day, clean up for 5-10 minutes near the end of each day to make cleaning and tidying less tiresome.

Make tidiness a routine

Is your professional or personal life more organised than your home? Use the same organisational standards to make tidiness and cleaning up a routine that you use to sort your professional life – it really works!

Make cleaning less dirty

Do you hate getting your hands dirty? Instead of cleaning up with your bare hands, buy rubber gloves and cleaning sprays to make the act of cleaning your home a little bit cleaner for you.

Reward yourself afterwards

All work and no play makes taking action and cleaning up your home a difficult task to motivate yourself for. Give yourself some motivation to get to work by rewarding yourself afterwards with a coffee, treat or hour of relaxation.

Fine yourself for being messy

Do you constantly catch yourself leaving packaging, clothes and other mess around the house? Instead of letting it go, fine yourself a tiny amount (keep it in a jar on top of your kitchen counter) whenever you’re messy to discourage yourself.

Create a cleaning schedule

Cleaning up is far easier when it’s part of your routine. If you struggle to get up and start cleaning, buy a wall calendar and mark your cleaning days in red pen to show yourself exactly when you need to take action.

Assign a room to each person

Time to clean the family home? Instead of cleaning the whole house together, assign each member of your family a different room. Let the kids take the bedrooms while you and your partner manage the bathrooms, living areas and kitchen.

Listen to music while you clean

Nothing is less interesting than listening to the monotonous sound of your vacuum cleaner while you work. Instead of boring yourself to death while you clean, plug in your headphones and listen to your favourite music while you work.

Spring Cleaning Tips For The Bank Holiday

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Bank holiday spring cleaning

The last Monday of May is fast approaching and like most homeowners around the country, we’ve been preparing our spring cleaning checklists.

Whether it’s time for this year’s ‘big clean’ or just a quick tidy-up, these seven spring cleaning tips will help you freshen up your home for the rest of the year.

Prepare a cleaning checklist before you start

From mouldy bathroom floors to dirty carpets, some cleaning issues pop in and out of your vision during the year. Make sure you don’t forget anything on the May bank holiday by preparing a spring cleaning checklist before you get started.

Make a short to-do list with your cleaning goals and stock up on towels, sprays and disinfectants the day before. This way, you’ll skip the spring cleaning queues at your local supermarket.

Pack and store infrequently used items

From musical instruments to gaming consoles, certain items sit out all year doing nothing but collecting dust. Make the most of your spring cleaning day and pack all your infrequently used items into your closet for safe storage.

Seize the day and reorganise your bookshelves and wardrobe for a more clutter-free spring and summer. Clear plastic containers and vacuum storage bags are excellent for organising rarely used household items.

Fold and store your clothes in vacuum bags

Are your winter clothes taking up valuable wardrobe space? Store coats, gloves and undergarments in vacuum bags to minimise their storage space and get the most out of your wardrobe.

Vacuum storage is good for more than just bulky winter clothes. Stack your t-shirts, shorts and other clothing in a vacuum bag and suck out the air for a compact, mould-free storage solution.

Knock out kitchen odours with coffee beans

Are you planning to clean your kitchen sink and cooker hood? Use coffee beans to knock out nasty odours from your trash can, kitchen sink or range hood. Heat up a handful of coffee beans in a frying pan to neutralise any kitchen odour in minutes.

Smelly bathroom? Neutralise the smell of dirty plumbing or bathroom cleaners by lighting a match in your bathroom. After five seconds, moisten it under the tap and throw it away for a fresh, odour-free bathroom.

De-mouldify your shower and bathtub

Bathroom mould can slowly creep up on you. Make your bathroom look brand new by mixing a cup of chlorine bleach with a gallon of warm water and scouring away at mouldy surfaces. After five minutes, wash away the solution with warm water.

Is your shower curtain showing signs of age? Wash it in warm water with a little bit of chlorine bleach (you can use your laundry machine) and let it dry naturally before rehanging it in the bathroom.

Tiled floors? Wipe away dirty tile grout

Is your kitchen or bathroom tiling looking a little worse for wear? Use a mixture of oxygen bleach and warm water to wash away unsightly grout and make your tiled floors look brand new.

Gently pout the bleach and water solution over the floor and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. Once it’s soaked in, scrub the stains out using a nylon brush and rinse your tiles with warm water.

Don’t forget to de-dust PCs and electronics

The static cling produced by electronic equipment can make computers, TVs and entertainment systems a magnet for dust. Unplug your DVD player and clean the fans and plugs using your vacuum cleaner to eliminate living room dust.

Do you have a desktop computer? The fans in old computers can collect dust and spread it throughout your home office. Unscrew your computer’s rear panel and carefully clean away excess dust for a cleaner, healthier home office.

What’s your bank holiday cleaning tip? Let us know on our Facebook page.