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How to Quickly and Easily Organise Your Home Office for Summer

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A clean, tidy and organised home office makes staying productive simple.

A clean, tidy and organised home office makes staying productive simple.

For people that work from home, having an organised, neat and tidy office is the key to productivity. When documents are easier to find and space less cluttered, getting important work completed goes from challenging to natural.

Summer’s in full swing, making it a great time to clean up and tidy your office for the warmer weather. From organising books and documents to decluttering your desk, read on to learn how to quickly and easily organise your home office for summer.

Perform a summer clean-up over the weekend

Have you ever sat down at a messy desk on Monday and found it hard to even start working? Working at a messy desk is difficult, not only because it’s hard to find the items you need but because the environment isn’t suited to optimal productivity.

Give yourself a good start every Monday by cleaning up your office, particularly your desk, over the weekend. A quick clean-up on Friday evening or Sunday is often all it takes to make your office a mega-productive space during the week.

Start with your desk and organise outward

One of the toughest parts of cleaning up your home office is working out where to start. Should you organise your bookshelf, clean up your desk or start by throwing away unused items that are cluttering up tables and other spaces?

Give yourself a simple place to start organising by beginning with your work desk and organising outwards. This way, you’ll clean, decluttering and organise the most important parts of your office first before moving on to the smaller, easier jobs.

Simplify and organise your computer’s cables

Cable management is one of the most important yet frequently ignored aspects of creating a clean and tidy office space. If your computer workstation has cables that are wound up and untidy, it creates a fire and falling risk for your work area.

Declutter and organise your computer’s cables by clipping small cables together to reduce the amount of space they take up, installing cables against walls and pieces of furniture and fixing cables to the underside of your desk for a cleaner look.

Put your most-used items inside a storage box

What are the top five office items you couldn’t live without? From your best pen to your trusty iPad, there are certain items that are highly useful for work but easy to misplace.

Keep your office clean, clutter-free and organised by storing your most-used items inside a storage box on top of your desk. A two-drawer chest can sit nicely on top of your work desk, making it easy to access the items you need, when you need them.

Scan and throw away old, unneeded documents

Is your home office full of documents that were only relevant several months or years ago? Having a home office that’s cluttered with old items may not be a sign that you’re a hoarder, but it definitely means your office could use a clean-up.

Keep your office free of clutter by scanning any documents that are older than six months and don’t need a physical copy. Once you’ve backed up the digital copies using Google Drive or Dropbox, you can throw away the originals for less clutter.

Tidiness and Productivity: How Being Tidy Makes You More Efficient

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The cleaner and more organised your office, the easier you'll find it to focus.

The cleaner and more organised your office, the easier you’ll find it to focus.

Think productivity is all about willpower? While your work ethic plays an important role in helping you achieve your goals and meet your targets, your environment also has a significant effect on your ability to work hard to be productive.

Step into a messy, cluttered office and it’s highly likely that your mind will take on a similar form, making achieving peak productivity difficult. Step into a clean and tidy office and the opposite effects – mental clarity and focus – could be the result.

Not everyone is affected equally by their work environment, but everyone has some level of reaction to the environment they work in. In this post, we’ll share four ways being tidy helps you work efficiently and get more done during the workday.

Being tidy makes important documents, items and resources easy to find

Have you ever misplaced an important contract, receipt or document? It’s very easy to lose documents when your workspace is a cluttered mess, leading to wasted time spent looking for things that aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy, however, and you’ll never need to search for a document or item you need. A simple sorting system is often all it takes to transform your office from a mixed collection of items into an easily sortable system.

Keeping your desk tidy makes it easy to start work when you sit down

You’ve had breakfast and finished your morning coffee, and now it’s time to start the workday. Sit down at the clear, neat and tidy desk and your mind will move straight to work; sit at a messy desk and you’ll find it difficult to focus at all.

Research shows that people find it easier to focus on work when they’re in a clean, neat and organised environment. Every piece of clutter – from desktop documents to stacks of books and magazines – has a negative effect on your productivity level.

Tidying up your work area is a great way to signal the end of work time

Do you feel stressed and overworked even after the workday is over? Many people struggle to separate their leisure time and work time, particularly if they work from home in an office that’s part of their house or apartment.

Keeping your office organised and tidy can make it easier to separate the workday from your free time. Tidy up your workspace for 10 minutes at the end of each day to make it clear that work is over and your free time has begun.

With a tidy workspace, you’ll know exactly where to pick up the next day

With a tidy workspace, it’s easy to pick up where you left off on a long-term project that requires continual effort. With a cluttered and disorganised workplace, on the other hand, finding out where to pick up after a break can be challenging.

When you keep your workplace neat and organised, it’s easy to see where to begin at the start of each day. Clear away items on your desktop and only leave behind the essentials so you know exactly what to focus on as soon as you sit down.

7 Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Organised Without Any Effort

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Prevent clutter from developing by cleaning up for 10 minutes every day.

Prevent clutter from developing by cleaning up for 10 minutes every day.

When your home is cluttered and disorganised, putting in the time and effort that’s required to make it clean and orderly can seem impossible. Whether 30 minutes or an hour, long decluttering jobs require a massive amount of energy.

A far better way to keep your home clean, decluttered and organised is to focus on achieving small, simple goals. Break organising down into small tasks and you will almost always find it easier to achieve your goals.

From doing small tasks right now to scheduling 10 minutes per day to declutter and organise, read on to discover seven tips that will help you take control of your home and keep it clutter-free without having to put in lots of effort.

If it takes less than five minutes, do it now

How long will it take you to clean up the living room? If the answer is less than five minutes, do it right now.

Take charge and get to work on small tasks as soon as they pop onto your radar. It’s far easier to commit to five minutes of work right now than to procrastinate all day until it seems more difficult than it really is.

Never let your kitchen counter become cluttered

A great way to prevent clutter from forming is to never let any clutter develop in a certain part of your home. Since your kitchen counter is always noticeable and one of the most frequently used parts of your home, it’s a great place to start.

Never let your kitchen counter become cluttered. When something appears on top of it, clean it up then and there. Instant action is the key to effortlessly preventing clutter from developing.

Schedule 10 minutes per day to clean and organise

It’s far easier to spend 10 minutes every day cleaning up and organising than 60+ minutes on the weekend. Set aside 10-15 minutes of cleaning and organising time each and every day and you’ll keep your home neat, clean and tidy.

Never let papers pile up on your home office desk

Use the kitchen counter strategy in your home office. At the end of each day, make yourself organise all of your books, papers and notes into folders so that your desk never has any clutter on it at the end of each day.

Turn clutter into cool with stylish, functional shelving

Do your books, CDs or DVDs constantly create clutter around your home? Instead of viewing small items as a source of clutter, add functional shelving to your home and turn them into part of its décor.

Put things away as soon as you’re finished with them

The easiest way to create mess and clutter is to leave items out after you’ve finished using them. From children’s toys to books and gadgets, put away items once you no longer need them and your home will never become cluttered in the first place.

Break decluttering down into small, simple tasks

Nothing is more demoralising than looking at a cluttered, disorganised living room and estimating the amount of time it will take to clean up. Will it take you one hour or two? The better part of the morning or the entire day?

If your home is seriously messy and you need to clean up without writing off a day or more, break it down into smaller tasks. Create a cleaning to-do list and tick off a task or two per day to slowly and steadily achieve your decluttering goals.

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Organised Without Any Effort

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With the right attitude, it's refreshingly easy to keep your home clean, tidy and organised.

With the right attitude, it’s refreshingly easy to keep your home clean, tidy and organised.

Does your home always seem to be disorganised? Keeping your home organised and clutter-free can seem difficult and time consuming, but it’s actually simple when you stop looking at organising as something that requires a lot of work.

By changing decluttering and organising from time-consuming task to quick, simple habit, you can keep your entire home organised without any effort. Try one or all of these seven tips to make organising your home an effortlessly simple activity.

Don’t wait, clean up right away

The longer you let clutter sit before cleaning it up, the harder cleaning it up tends to become. Instead of saying “I’ll clean it up later”, make yourself clean things up right away to save time.

While this might seem difficult at first, it will eventually become a habit that makes it easy to keep your home free of clutter.

Stick with one room at a time

Does your home need a thorough clean-up? Spending an entire morning cleaning up your home is a lot of work. Make cleaning simple by splitting it into a room-by-room task that you can spend a few minutes on each day.

On Monday, declutter and organise your bedroom. On Tuesday, clean up the living room. Split up your cleaning from one day to the next and it will take up almost no time each day.

Keep it simple with small tasks

Instead of letting mess accumulate and cleaning up all at once, make your cleaning and organising process short and simple. Give yourself small organising tasks each day to make cleaning a five-minute activity.

Listen to music while you organise

Does the thought of organising bore you? Organising isn’t the most exciting activity, but it’s surprisingly easy to make it fun by putting together a playlist and listening to music while you clean.

From relaxing classical music to Top 40, put together your favourite tracks to listen to while you organise your home.

Turn decluttering into a routine

The best way to build consistency is to turn tasks into habits. Once you start to clean up your home every day – even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time – you’ll start to turn cleaning and organising into habits that you perform naturally in the future.

Aim for good enough, not perfect

This might not sound like good advice, but it is. Instead of aiming for perfection, try to make your home only as tidy as it needs to be. This massively reduces the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning up.

Here’s why: there’s only a 20% difference between clean and perfect, but it takes at least twice as long to make your home look perfectly spotless. Clean up just enough every day and your home will eventually become perfectly clean over time.

Don’t use it? Discard or donate it

One of the easiest ways to organise your home is by carrying out an inventory of all the items you own, then discarding the ones you don’t use. From old clothes to toys your children have grown out of, discard or donate rarely-used items to save space.

10 Things to Organise in Time for Easter Sunday

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Clean up before Easter and enjoy a relaxing long weekend with your friends and family.

Clean up before Easter and enjoy a relaxing long weekend with your friends and family.

Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching, and now is a great time to start decluttering and organising your home in time for one of the year’s most enjoyable holidays for families.

Nothing is better than a relaxing Easter Sunday at home with your family. Read on to find out which 10 things you should organise – from your home to your calendar – for a fantastic Easter Sunday in 2015.

Your suitcase

Easter offers one of the best long weekends of the year for travelling. If you’re going on a trip – whether overnight or for the entire long weekend – prepare a week early by unpacking and decluttering your suitcase before the weekend begins.

Your living room

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing Easter at home. Prepare for the long weekend by cleaning up and decluttering your living room so that hosting guests and family at your home is nice and simple.

Your schedule

Easter Monday might be a bank holiday, but it’s back to work as usual once Tuesday rolls around. Declutter and organise your schedule over the long weekend so you’re 100% ready for work once the week begins.

Your closet

As the weather begins to get warmer, it’s worth decluttering and your closet so that your spring clothes are easy to find. Pack your thick winter coats into storage boxes and bring out your favourite spring outfits.

Your kitchen

Are you planning to cook over the Easter weekend? Prepare ahead of time by using your days off to clean out, declutter and organise your kitchen for simple, stress-free cooking over the long Easter weekend.

Your shoe rack

Since the weather is getting warmer, you’ll probably need to change your footwear from thick and arm to sleek and simple. Use the long weekend to clean up your shoe rack and bring out your spring and summer shoes.

Your linen closet

Is your winter duvet getting a little too warm for comfort? Refresh your bedroom for better sleep in spring and summer by cleaning out your linen closet and replacing all of the thick sheets you’ve gotten used to over winter.

Your garage

Gardening season starts soon, and there’s no better way to prepare than by cleaning out your garage. Organise your shelving, storage boxes and anything else that hasn’t stayed exactly where it belongs over winter.

Your garden

Is your garden looking a little unorganised after winter? Prepare for spring ahead of time by going through your garden and cleaning up anything that’s blocking a path, cluttering up your lawn or getting in the way of your favourite plants.

Your bedroom

Finally, it’s worth organising your bedroom over Easter. Since you’ll need to change your sheets and duvet to adjust to the warmer weather, Easter is a good opportunity to clean up, declutter and organise your entire bedroom.

Are you ready for Easter?

It’s not long until the long Easter weekend begins. Spend the next week decluttering and organising your home so that you’re ready to relax and enjoy life once the long weekend begins.