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10 Tips We Could Give to Manolo Blahnik About Shoe Storage

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© Hutchins

© Hutchins

Self-taught Spanish fashion designer Manolo Blahnik’s shoes have been attracting attention for decades. Known for reinventing the stiletto in the platform-heavy 1970s, Blahnik famously keeps a pair of all of his designs inside his Bath residence.

With over 25,000 unique shoe designs to his name, Blahnik’s collection is certainly extensive. To help the legendary shoe designer keep his collection in good condition, we’ve offered 10 helpful shoe storage and presentation tips.

Give them plenty of fresh air

Nothing ages a pair of shoes like stale air. Make sure your favourite pairs get plenty of fresh air to keep them looking and feeling their best. If you need to, take them out of storage once in a while for fresh air and sunlight.

Don’t stack or pile up shoes

Can you imagine a pile of more than 25,000 shoes? Piling up shoes results in damage to their shape and structure. Separate shoes and store them on a rack or inside shoe storage boxes to preserve their shape and finish.

Use shoe storage containers

Got lots of shoes to organise? When you’re organising thousands of shoes, it helps to have some storage boxes on hand. Clear plastic shoe storage containers make it easy to organise even the most extensive collections.

Keep your favourites on a rack

When your shoe collection numbers in the thousands, it’s easy to lose track of your favourites. Keep your best pairs within easy reach by keeping them on a shoe rack instead of inside the closet.

Let them dry before storing

Pack away damp shoes and you’ll quickly have to deal with mould and mildew. Make sure every pair of shoes is dry before you store it away, no matter how hardy it may look before it goes into storage.

Plan for easy accessibility

How hard is it to access your favourite pair of shoes? Even if your collection reaches into the thousands, being able to access a classic pair of heels or flats in moments is always important.

Use shoe trees for shape

Nothing hurts like unpacking your favourite pair of shoes to notice that they’ve lost their shape. Use shoe trees to preserve the shape of your favourite pairs and ensure they look their best for years to come.

Don’t neglect any pairs

Shoes from 10, 20 or 30 years ago can look and feel out of date today. However, over time their retro appeal increases. Treat all of your pairs well, regardless of how aged and dated they might look right now.

Turn your shoes into wall art

From glittery platforms to leopard print pumps, eye-catching pairs of iconic shoes can be great interior decorating pieces. If you’ve got a pair that’s impossible not to notice, mount then in your living room and turn them into amazing wall art. Some of our wall mounted shoe racks look pretty arty!

Create a conversation starter

Who says shoes belong in storage? With 25,000 pairs to choose from, picking shoes to use as bookends and decorating accessories is easy. Pick a pair of platforms and turn them into a conversation starter on your coffee table or bookcase.

The Imelda Marcos guide to storing shoes

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Imelda Marcos, the widow of controversial former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos and other half of the ‘conjugal dictatorship’ may not be popular among the population of the Philippines – or much of the international community.

She is, however, an icon for some, not for her political aptitude or legacy, but for her ludicrously expansive shoe collection. At the peak of her husband’s regime, Marcos’ shoe collection had grown to its greatest extent, boasting more than 3,000 pairs.

Excessive, intriguing and beyond even the biggest shoe addict’s tastes, Marcos’ shoe collection continues to attract interest. The former First Lady’s shoe collection even has its own museum near Manila that’s home to hundreds of stylish size 8 ½ pairs.

Is your shoe collection starting to grow? These three Marcos-inspired shoe storage and collecting tips will help you keep your shoe collection looking its very best for decades, even if it doesn’t quite approach the legendary scale of Marcos’ one.

Store your shoes vertically

Mrs Marcos had plenty of storage space to spare inside her lavish residences, but she still made saving space a priority. The former First Lady of the Philippines put her shoes on wall storage racks to make them as easy as possible to store.

While Mrs Marcos was more likely trying to make her shoes easy to access rather than store, her storage strategy works. Storing your shoes vertically frees up floor space and lets you turn your shoe collection into an interesting interior feature.

Keep your shoes protected

Unfortunately for Imelda Marcos, her world famous shoe collection recently took a serious hit. Due to a termite infestation at her formal riverside palace, hundreds of boxes of her shoes were moved to the National Museum for safekeeping.

During a rainstorm, water leaked through the ceiling into the cardboard boxes that the shoes were stored in. Hundreds of pairs were damaged beyond repair, leaving the infamous First Lady with slightly less to choose from each morning.

While storing your shoes for everyday wear is simple, it’s worth putting plenty of thought into long-term shoe storage. Pack them in airtight, protected containers or special storage boxes so that leaks and mildew can’t damage your collection.

Don’t let dust accumulate

Marikina City, a suburban city that makes up Metro Manila, is home to one of the world’s largest old-fashioned shoe industries. It’s also home to a popular museum on… you guessed it – Imelda Marcos’ infamous shoe collection.

The museum houses numerous displays of Marcos’ favourite shoes, with some pairs dating back to the mid-1960s. Most pairs remain in perfect condition because of the careful efforts of the museum staff, who never let dust accumulate in shoes.

From mildew to faded colour, dust and dirt can cause serious damage to shoes that are stored for the long term. Keep your shoes looking great for decades by removing all dust and dirt before you store them in airtight shoe storage containers.


The worst advice we’ve ever heard about shoe storage

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© Robinson

© Robinson

How do you store your shoes? From storage boxes to shoe racks, there are a variety of ingenious ways to keep your shoes looking, feeling and smelling their best while also keeping your home free of unwanted clutter.

While shoe racks and storage containers are great ways to store your shoes, many people still use outdated, ineffective shoe storage methods. In this blog post, we’ll share the four worst pieces of shoe storage advice we’ve ever heard.

Don’t store your shoes in boxes… it’s bad for them

From sports trainers to leather boots, the best place to store your shoes is inside a shoe storage box. Unfortunately, some people believe that storing your shoes inside a box is bad for them due to lack of fresh air and sunlight.

Shoes do need fresh air, but only when they’ve recently been worn. If your shoes are completely dry and clean, there’s nothing hazardous about storing them in a storage box, especially if it’s a clear one that allows some sunlight to reach your shoes.

Most shoe storage containers have small vents and holes to allow air to reach your shoes, making a lack of fresh air a non-issue. Besides, if you wear your shoes once a fortnight, they’re getting plenty of fresh air already.

Store your shoes outside to give them fresh air

This advice is typically given for sports trainers and casual shoes, which often end up damp and dirty after use. Storing your sports shoes outside can be a good idea, but only if the weather is dry and warm.

When it’s damp and cold outside, the ‘fresh air’ your shoes are exposed to can turn into the perfect environment for mildew. Keep your sports shoes outside for one or two hours after they’ve been worn to dry them out, but bring them inside after.

Use a shoe spray to freshen them up and – once they’re dry and clean – store them in a shoe storage box or on your shoe rack. Wet environments are the number one destroyer of shoes, so make sure your sports shoes aren’t left out in the rain.

Don’t use shoe sprays… they’ll damage the fabric

When you’re out and about, your feet are perspiring and making the inside of your shoes damp. Most of the time this dampness is eliminated by sunlight, but if you’re an athlete (or you live in a warm, humid area) it might not be completely beaten.

Shoe freshener sprays allow you to quickly neutralise the moisture and bacteria in your sweat that makes your shoes smell. Most shoe sprays use light chemicals and natural substances to neutralise the smell and prevent your shoes from stinking.

Don’t be afraid to use shoe sprays on sports shoes, casual shoes and other everyday footwear. If you wear leather or suede shoes, use a special leather protector spray to neutralise odours while keeping the leather material free of chemical damage.

Keep your leather shoes away from sunlight

From loafers to high heels, leather shoes can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Many people mistakenly believe that sunlight will ‘crack’ leather shoes, but it is actually harmless – and even good for your shoes – in small doses.

Sunlight dries out the inside of your shoes and prevents moisture from perspiration or the environment damaging them. Dark environments are ideal for mildew, since there’s no sunlight to neutralise the bacteria in your shoes.

Don’t be afraid to keep your leather shoes in sunny areas such as your front door or hallway for short periods of time. If you store them, make sure they’re kept in a light environment that’s free of moisture to prevent mildew from growing.

How not to store your shoes

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How to store shoesIs your shoe collection taking over your closet? Whether you’ve just invested in your first pair of high quality shoes or need help storing your favourite casual pairs, there are good and bad ways to safely store your shoes collection.

In this blog post, we’ll cover six common shoe storage mistakes and show you better ways to keep your footwear fresh, free of odour, easily accessible and looking brand new.


Storing shoes in damp, mouldy spaces


Shoes are a magnet for mould when stored in dark, damp spaces. If your closet has very little ventilation, make sure your shoes are completely dry and free of dirt and bacteria before you store them inside.


Wet clothing and old coats can often attract mould and moths to your closet. Keep your shoes in open spaces where there’s plenty of air circulating to avoid the moths and mould that an old closet or chest of drawers can attract.


Tossing shoes to the bottom of your closet


Think your shoes are indestructible? It can be tempting to toss your shoes into your closet and pick them off the floor when you need them. Doing so might be easy, but it’s a great way to misshape and scuff your shoes.


Instead of tossing your shoes into your closet, arrange them neatly so that no pair is in contact with another. This way, you’ll never have to deal with damaged soles and heels or leather scuffing.


Discarding a pair of shoes on your doorstep


If you live in an area with a humid or damp climate, avoid storing your shoes outside your home. Even if they’re protected from the weather by an awning, the damp air is the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to develop.


Keep your shoes inside your home, either in storage boxes or on a shoe rack close to your entranceway. Instead of storing sports shoes and hiking boots outside to avoid nasty odours, spray them with shoe freshener and store them inside.


Storing men’s shoes without shoe trees


That nice pair of oxfords or loafers won’t hold its shape on its own. When you store a pair of men’s leather shoes, make sure you use a shoe tree to help the shoes retain their original shape.


Shoe trees are designed to match the shape of your feet, moulding the leather used in your shoes to your foot and preventing creases from forming. Prevent your shoes from developing an odour by using cedar shoe trees, which absorb most moisture.


Stacking your shoes on top of each other


Stacking one pair of shoes on top of another might seem like a great way to free up closet space, but it’s actually a serious mistake. A pile of unorganised shoes makes finding your favourite pairs a challenge, as well as damaging many of your shoes.


If you want to store your shoes vertically, use clear plastic shoe storage containers to keep each pair separate and easily accessible. This method also prevents shoes from rubbing against one another and producing scuffs and scratches.


Storing wet or dirty shoes in a container


Shoe storage containers are great for organising your shoes collection, but putting a pair of wet or dirty shoes in a storage box is a serious mistake. Moisture and dirt are two elements that produce mouldy, smelly and seriously stained shoes.


Before you store your shoes, let them dry out and clean away any dirt or mud. Spray smelly pairs with shoe freshener and let them air out for 24 hours before you store them in a sealed container.