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4 Hidden Storage Spots: From Under the Bed to Closet Doors

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Run out of space in your closet? Try one of these four hidden storage options in your bedroom.

Do you find it difficult to keep your cosy bedroom or small apartment clean, neat and tidy? Staying organised can be difficult, especially when you only have a small amount of space to store your clothes, shoes and other items.

It’s easy to let boxes pile up in your bedroom’s floor space, all the while letting far better storage areas go to waste. Many of these storage areas are hidden in spaces you might never have thought of.

From under your bed to behind your closet door, read on to discover four hidden and highly useful storage spaces inside your bedroom that are perfect for keeping your home neat, organised and tidy.

Under the bed

If your bed extends six or more inches off the ground, it’s a hugely helpful space for storing items. Using plastic storage boxes, you can keep clothing, books and lots of other items under your bed without taking up any floor space.

The best items for under-bed storage are wheeled plastic boxes, which can slide in and out from under your bed easily. Fold your rarely worn clothes and keep them safely stored under your bed and out of the way.

Under the bed is also a great place to store shoes, especially when they’re out of season. Pack your leather boots under your bed during summer to free up useful storage space on your shoe rack for lighter weather footwear.

Above head level

How much of the space above your head in your bedroom do you actually use? For most of us, very little of the space between our head level and the ceiling is used for any real functional purpose.

Installing shelving high up on your walls and close to the ceiling is a perfect way to store items like books, DVDs and accessories out of the way. Since the shelving can still be reached, it’s out of the way but always easy to access.

Another good idea is to install shelving above the foot of your bed. This way, you can easily store books, CDs and other small items out of the way but still keep them in an accessible, convenient location.

Your closet door

Is your closet completely full of clothes, shoes and accessories? It’s easy to fill up a closet with your favourite outfits and items, but rarely do people put their closet’s door to use.

By installing an organiser on your closet door, you can store shoes, belts, jewellery and other items without taking up any extra space. This can greatly increase your closet’s amount of functional storage space.

Stick to small items like belts, socks and underwear for your closet organiser. Large and heavy items can put too much of a strain on the organiser and end up wearing on your closet’s door.

Underneath tables

Do you have a desk or table inside your bedroom? Even bedside tables offer quite a lot of storage space – space that’s very rarely used – underneath their tops. This can be great storage space for small items that you’re comfortable placing on the floor.

From wastepaper baskets to footstools, storage boxes and other items, try placing your small items underneath your desk or bedside table to free up floor space and declutter your bedroom.



5 Essential Storage Products to Organise Your Life

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A clutter-free home means an equally clean and organised mind.

A clutter-free home means an equally clean and organised mind.

Have you ever noticed that your entire life – from professional work to personal relationships – becomes more organised when your home and workplace is also neat and organised?

Tidying and organising has a synergistic effect – when you organise one aspect of your life, others often naturally fall into place. Keep your home neat and tidy, and your schedule and to-do list will often quickly follow.

Being organised isn’t just about having the right system in place; in many cases, it’s about having the right tools and products to make organising simple. In this guide, we’ll share five essential storage products that you can use to organise your life.

Desk organisers

Do you work from home? Whether you work from your home office frequently or just use your desk for reviewing documents and making notes, keeping your home office organised and tidy is essential for staying in control of your life.

We’ve previously shared that the best document organising strategy is to discard what you don’t need. For the documents that need to be kept, however, your best strategy is to store them inside a desk organiser or magazine file.

Shoe racks

Have you ever arrived home from work, opened your front door and walked into a messy hallway? Unsorted shoes can turn your home’s entranceway into an absolute mess, putting your mind in a messy state once you arrive home.

Clean up and simplify your hallway with a shoe rack big enough to sort and contain all of your favourite pairs. Shoe racks also encourage guests to be tidy; as they spot the rack, they’ll remember to remove and store their shoes.

Document boxes

From letters to bills, mail can easily accumulate over the course of the week, making your kitchen counter a cluttered and messy space. Document boxes let you organise your personal letter and financial notices with ease, freeing up countertop space.

As well as making organising your personal letters simple, document boxes are ideal for sorting business documents and notices. Keep your home workspace clutter-free and organised, making it easier for you to adopt an organised, productive attitude.

Magazine/paper racks

Got magazines and newspapers to store? Instead of tossing the newspaper onto the coffee table every morning, store your latest newspapers and magazines on a special magazine/paper rack to keep your reading material organised.

Magazine racks are great accessories for entertainers. Not only will your living room feel neat, tidy and organised – your guests will also have something to read the next time they visit for lunch, dinner or drinks.

Rattan baskets

From linens to laundry, rattan baskets are ideal for storing… well, anything. Hugely durable yet incredibly lightweight, rattan baskets are easy to carry around the home and ideal for storing laundry, linens, sports clothes or any other soft items.

Suited to the living room just as much as they are the bedroom or bathroom, rattan baskets are timeless and effortlessly stylish. If laundry seems to accumulate in your home all the time, a rattan basket could be all that’s required for clutter-free living.

Just Because a Room is Tidy, Doesn’t Always Mean it’s Organised

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Did you know that it’s possible to be tidy and disorganised simultaneously? While it might seem impossible, many of the tidiest people in the world are some of the least truly organised when it comes to other aspects of their lives.

Think about it – you can jot down every appointment in your schedule and manage every last aspect of your life, but if you forget to check it, you’ll never be organised, no matter how much you might want to.

The same logic can apply to a room. Just how organised is your bedroom if despite being spotlessly clean and perfectly neat, you can never remember where anything is when you need it?

In this blog post, we’ll look at something that eludes many tidying addicts: getting a room that’s both neat and tidy and perfectly organised, with every item in the right location when you need it.

First off, the wrong way to organise

There’s a big difference between neatness and organisation. Any bedroom can be neat, but only a rare few are truly organised. Let’s have a look at the definition of neat to help us understand:

“Arranged in a tidy way.”

If you arrange your shoes from light to dark, placing the tallest pairs at the back of your closet and the shortest at the front, you’re being neat. But what if you love to wear tall shoes and now can’t access your favourite pair that’s right at the back?

Think of organisation as neatness combined with practicality. It’s the comfort and style of neatness (since nothing feels better than being in a tidy room) mixed with the sense of practicality that tidiness doesn’t always have.

Achieving organised neatness at home

Arranging your shoes from tall to short is neatness; arranging them from least used to most used is organisation. Stacking books from thick to thin is neatness; stacking them from recently read to soon-to-be-read is smart organisation.

One of the best ways to achieve organised neatness in your bedroom is with storage boxes. Boxes are perfect for grouping similar items together and making them more accessible when you need them.

Instead of storing your shoes in your closet from tall to short or light to dark, as an example, why not pack each pair of shoes into a storage box and keep your favourite pairs within easy reach for when you need them in the morning?

Instead of scouring your closet for travel items before a holiday, why not pack all of your must-have travel accessories into a storage box so that they’re not just tidy and neat, but perfectly organised when you need them most.

Change your attitude from thinking about what looks neatest to what works the best for your lifestyle and your entire attitude to organising will change. You’ll become a more organised, practical person and your home will become much easier to live in.

Are you tidy or organised?

There’s a big difference between being tidy and being organised, from the way you arrange your home to holding yourself accountable for meeting your goals. Are you a truly organised person, or are you just neat and tidy?