8 Reasons to Have a Clean and Tidy Home

A clean and tidy home often means a clean, tidy and more creative mind.

A clean and tidy home often means a clean, tidy and more creative mind.

Is your home starting to become a little bit too cluttered? While a bit of clutter here and there can add character to your home, too much can have a serious effect on an incredible number of things, fro your productivity to your mental health.

We’re serious – while having a messy and cluttered home has numerous downsides, having a clean and tidy home has nothing but upsides. From earning more at work to feeling better at home, being neat and tidy has a multitude of benefits.

In this post, we’ve catalogued eight of our favourite reasons to keep your home neat, clean and tidy. From health to child safety, read on to learn why cleanliness should always be a priority in your home.

It just looks and feels better

Does anything look and feel as good as a clean, tidy and organised home? From the perfect spotless living room to an elegant shoe storage solution, there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of a perfectly fresh, clean and organised home.

Hosting guests is a breeze

Are you afraid to host guests because your home is too messy? When you make it a habit to clean up and organise your home frequently, there’s never any pre-dinner party rush to clean up your home and make it more presentable to guests.

It makes you more productive

Seriously – being clean and tidy makes you more productive at work. Studies show that people who live and work in clean environments tend to be more focused and productive at work, letting them generate better results and earn more money.

It’s better for your mental health

Not only does a clean and tidy living environment make your mind more focused; it also makes it mentally healthier. Cleaning your home, along with other home tasks, can improve your mental health and prevent depression, according to a 2008 study.

It’s safer, especially for children

From children’s toys to electrical cables, a cluttered home includes lots of things for you – and more likely, your children – to trip and fall on. Keeping your home clean and tidy not only makes it healthier – it also makes it a lot safer to live in.

It frees you to be more creative

When you don’t need to worry about cleaning up, your mind is free to focus on any other topic you’re interested in. Spend more time at work or rediscover the hidden creative side of your personality – the tidier your home, the tidier your mind.

It stops dust and mould forming

When you forget to sweep and vacuum, dust can collect in your home and make its way into your body’s airway, leading to colds and coughs. Likewise, failing to clean dark or damp closets can lead to dangerous, illness-inducing mould forming.

It lets you sit back and relax

Instead of arriving home from work and worrying about cleaning up, a clean and tidy house lets you arrive home and put your feet up. Sit back and relax knowing your home is already clean and organised instead of stressing every weeknight.