The 10 commandments of decluttering your home

What to wear?

Do you struggle with clutter? From letters and bills to the seemingly endless outfits that make navigating your closet impossible, clutter can creep up on you and make your home feel more like a disorganised storage unit than a place to live.


Luckily, it’s easy to declutter your home with a little bit of hard work and some good habits. Apply these 10 commandments of decluttering to make your home easier to live in and your favourite items easier to locate.


Thou shalt declutter now, not later


You’ve just got home from a long day at work. Do you kick off your shoes, toss your coat on the sofa and switch on the television, or store your shoes on the rack, hang up your coat and make sure your home is clean before you start relaxing?


Sometimes a minute of organising once can save you five minutes of cleaning and decluttering later. Make decluttering your home a habit to avoid having to clear up clutter every weekend.


Thou shalt declutter every day


Piles of bills, clothes and shoes can build up over the course of the day. Fight clutter as it appears by cleaning up your kitchen counter, dining table, work desk, sofa and entranceway every day to prevent clutter build-up from occurring.


Thou shalt clean one room at a time


Is your home in need of a serious decluttering? Make cleaning your home easier to manage by focusing on one room at a time. Start with your bedroom and work your way through the living room, hallway and kitchen on a decluttering mission.


Thou shalt donate rarely used items


Is your closet bursting at the seams? Fight closet clutter by auditing your closet once a year and sorting clothes into “keep” and “don’t keep” baskets. Donate any unused or unwanted clothes to local thrift stores to pass on fashion to the less fortunate.


Thou shalt invest in good storage


Are your shoes strewn across the floor of your closet? Make your wardrobe easier to manage by investing in good storage options. Use plastic shoe storage containers for your shoes and vacuum bags to store rarely used clothes with ease.


Thou shalt sort and file papers


Bills, bank statements and junk mail can quickly clutter your kitchen counter. Make your mail easier to manage by sorting and filing letters, statements and notifications as soon as you receive them.


Thou shalt store shoes vertically


Is your shoe collection taking up too much floor space? Free up space in your closet or hallway by using shoe storage boxes or a shoe rack to store your shoes vertically and prevent them from getting scuffed or mouldy.


Thou shalt make organising a habit


Does your house seem to become cluttered easily? Train yourself to put things back where they belong and after a couple of weeks, you’ll naturally keep your home free of mess and clutter.


Thou shalt tell others to declutter


Do your roommates, partner or children contribute to your home’s clutter? Convert them into organised, clutter-free residents by making cleaning up an official policy of your home.


Thou shalt not make impulse buys


Have you noticed that most of the items which clutter up your home were impulse purchases that are rarely used? Fight the root cause of clutter by making yourself wait 30 days to buy anything that attracts your interest while shopping.