10 Reasons Why Clutter Could Get You Fired

© Depositphotos.com/Lane Erickson

Does your office look more like a cluttered closet than a workspace? Clutter is one of the most common office annoyances, resulting in reduced productivity and plenty of stares and disapproval from co-workers.

Did you know that too much clutter could even get you fired? In this blog post, we’ll cover the 10 biggest downsides of clutter for professionals and explain the effect an overly cluttered office could have on your job.

Clutter reduces your productivity

Humans are naturally more productive and focused in clean, orderly spaces than in a cluttered environment. Keeping your office clutter-free means you’ll get far more work done, while cluttering it up could have a negative effect on your productivity.

More clutter means more lost documents

From everyday office memos to important contracts, documents tend to go missing far more frequently in cluttered offices. Keep your office clean and clutter-free and you’ll have no problem finding important documents when they’re needed.

Clutter results in a disorganised office

Are you working to a tight deadline? Keep your office organised and clutter-free and your mind will naturally become more organised. A cluttered office means a clutter-filled mind and slower responses to important milestones and deadlines.

A cluttered PC slows down business

It’s not just physical clutter that slows down offices. Digital clutter, in the form of old documents and endless folders that clutter up your PC, can slow down your working productivity and make it hard for you to get anything done on your computer.

More clutter means more stress

When you work in a cluttered environment, your mind naturally becomes far more stressed and easily agitated. From declining morale to frustration, stress can take its toll on your job and change your attitude to work.

Clutter doesn’t go over well with bosses

What do you think your boss thinks when they walk into your cluttered office? Keep your office clean, organised and clutter-free and your boss will think you’re far more organised than you really are.

More clutter means more judgement

According to Forbes, 57% of office workers admit to judging their colleagues based on the cleanliness of their workspaces. Keep your workspace clean and tidy and you can enjoy a rock solid professional reputation with your co-workers.

Cleaning digital clutter means getting more done

Do you jot your to-do list down on a piece of paper? Digitise your workflow to keep physical clutter minimal and you’ll do more than just clean up your office; you’ll also get far more done throughout the workday.

Dirty clothing clutter means a messy office

Office clutter doesn’t just mean documents and office accessories. From dirty shoes to wet coats, the clothing you wear to work can also contribute to clutter. Keep your clothes clean and, if dirty, off the ground to prevent office mess from developing.

Clutter just doesn’t look good in an office

Your workspace sends an impression about more than you – it also reflects the core values of the company. Project the right impression for your colleagues and boss by keeping your office clean, organised and 100% free of clutter.