5 Storage and Decluttering Tips for Small Homes and Apartments

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you need to tolerate clutter.

From London to Tokyo, the combination of high rents and limited space in many of the world’s biggest cities mean many residents have to make do with an apartment that’s less than spacious.

If you live in a dense city and don’t have much space at home for furniture, storage items and other possessions, it’s easy to let your home become cluttered due to the shortage of space.

Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to get your clutter under control, even if your home is short on space. Try these five storage and decluttering tips to take control of clutter and transform your cosy home or apartment into a comfortable place to live.

Store items under and above your furniture

More than 1.6 million people live in Manhattan – a small island with a total area of less than 34 square miles. This extreme urban density is possible because the city’s planners didn’t expand across ground, but above and below it.

Take the Manhattan approach to storage and store possessions above and below your furniture. Use shelving to store items vertically or under-bed storage boxes that slide in and out to pack shoes, coats and other bulky items into free space.

Use vacuum storage to downsize your closet

Is your closet full of bulky items of clothing that take up valuable space? It’s easy to free up space in your closet that can be used to store this season’s outfits by keeping your unused clothes in vacuum storage bags.

Vacuum storage is simple – just pack your unused clothing into bags, then use your electric vacuum cleaner to remove the excess air. With the air removed, your extra clothes are folded, packed and squeezed into a far smaller amount of space.

Choose furniture with built-in storage

The key to effective storage for small apartments and homes is using dual purpose furniture. From beds with built-in storage spaces to ottomans with hidden storage compartments, many furniture items include hidden storage spaces.

Instead of prioritising looks when you shop for furniture, choose sofas, ottomans and beds that are designed for optimum storage. Furniture with built-in storage is ideal for saving space and simplifying your compact home’s storage needs.

Take a minimalist approach to shopping

Are you a shopaholic? The key to living comfortably in a small space is knowing the importance of shopping for what you need, not what you want. Take a minimalistic approach to shopping and you’ll find it easier to store all of your possessions.

Here’s a great way to get over a shopping addiction, if you have one: ask yourself if you really need an item when you see it. Then, wait a week to confirm you really do need it before you make the decision to buy it.

Use baskets for lightweight, portable storage

Baskets are the ultimate home storage items. They’re light, easy to move around the home and perfect for storing everything from your favourite clothes to linens, DVDs, books, children’s toys and more.

If you need a storage option that you can take from one room to another with ease, add a couple of wicker baskets to your home. From the bathroom to the kitchen, a wicker basket or two can make organising your home much easier.