7 Questions to Ask Yourself While You Declutter

Can’t decide what to keep? Ask yourself these seven questions to make decluttering easier.

Can’t decide what to keep? Ask yourself these seven questions to make decluttering easier.

Decluttering is tough, especially if your home’s closets and storage spaces are full of items you like but rarely use. From old gifts to impulse buys, possessions can add up over time and be surprisingly difficult to dispose of.

From simple tricks to remind you of how infrequently you use an item to questions that will motivate you to give to the less fortunate, read on to learn seven questions to ask yourself next time you declutter.

Am I keeping this out of obligation?

Do you have old gifts that are rarely, if ever used today? A lot of the items in your closet or storage room could be there due to obligation rather than real necessity.

If you’re holding onto an item out of a sense of obligation, ask yourself if you really need it. Old gifts and unused items can be donated or disposed of to free up space for more important items.

Why do I have two of the same thing?

Do you have two hairdryers? What about two desk lamps? Home items can double up over time, especially if you make a habit out of buying sale items for their value or the discount on offer.

If you have two of something, decide which one you prefer and commit to keeping it instead of both. Old home appliances, clothes and other items can be donated to the less fortunate or disposed of.

How often do I really use this item?

How often do you use that chess set? What about the juicer that sits on your kitchen counter unused? Unused items take up valuable space that’s far better spent on your most important items; if something’s rarely used, donate it or put it on eBay.

If I were shopping, would I buy this?

Here’s a great way to declutter and rid your home of items you rarely use: pretend you’re walking through a department store and that everything in your closet is in your shopping trolley.

Knowing that you’re facing a bill for everything in your trolley, how many of your own possessions would you return to the shelf? Take an objective approach to the items you own and dispose of things you wouldn’t buy right now.

Could I use this space for something else?

Space is valuable, especially if you live in a large city. Instead of letting clutter add up and accumulate, take a hands-on approach to decluttering your home and ask yourself if your storage space could be better used for something else.

Is this broken item really worth fixing?

Have you discovered old, broken items deep in your closet? From old TVs to your favourite old pair of boots, broken items are easy to store but often difficult to get rid of.

When you discover a broken item that you haven’t repaired in years, ask yourself if it’s truly worth repairing. If not, it’s often a better idea to donate the item or dispose of it than to let it clutter up your closet or garage.

Would I keep this if I was moving house?

During your monthly decluttering session, ask yourself a simple question to see if an item is truly worth keeping: Would you wrap it, box it and pack it if you were about to move house?

When you move, you’re forced to declutter to a massive extent. Ask yourself this one every time you run into an item you know it’s time to throw away and you’ll enjoy a cleaner, less cluttered home in minutes a month.