Clutter, Clean and Then What?

Is your home becoming a little too cluttered? Donate old items to free up space.

Is your home becoming a little too cluttered? Donate old items to free up space and help other people.

Decluttering your home is a fantastic way to free up storage space, rid your mind of mental clutter and create a more comfortable living environment. It also brings up a difficult question: What should you do with all your rarely-used possessions?

From old furniture that’s spent years sitting in your garage to clothing that’s rarely, if ever, worn, what should you do with belongings that are rarely used but take up valuable space and create clutter in your home?

It’s easy to take a wasteful approach and throw away rarely-used items, but doing so often isn’t the best way to clear away your clutter. From donating them to charity to giving them away to family members, there are lots of ways to get rid of clutter.

In this post, we’ll share three ways that you can get rid of old, rarely-used items that contribute to your home’s clutter without just throwing them away.

Donate old clothes, furniture and toys to charity

Are old clothes cluttering your wardrobe? Old, rarely worn clothing can take up a huge amount of space in your closet, forcing clothing-related clutter to spread into your bedroom.

This is especially true with bulky winter items like jackets, coats and snow gear. A single jacket can often take up as much space as four of five outfits, contributing to your home’s clutter level.

Instead of throwing away old clothing, donate it to charity to help people that need comfortable clothing. An old jacket might not be worth much to you, but it could be exactly what someone else needs to enjoy a warmer, more comfortable winter.

A variety of charities accept clothing donations. Some of the best options include the Red Cross, which sells donations in its charity shop, and Oxfam, which sells donated clothing at a discounted price to fund its international poverty-fighting efforts.

Give away items to friends and family members

Giving away old clothing to charities is a great way to assist them in raising funds and helping the less fortunate. If you have a friend or family member that needs an item you no longer require, you can also give it away to them directly.

Donating items to friends and family members is a great way to provide support and show that you care. From students in need of furniture for their flat to close friends going through tough times, there’s always someone in need of a helping hand.

An old sofa or armchair that’s cluttering up your living room can be hugely valuable for a student in need of furniture. Before you donate to charity, think about whether you could help friends or family members by giving your clutter away to them.

List items for sale on eBay or in your local newspaper

From electronic gadgets to coats and shoes, items that you own by rarely use could be worth more than you think. A great way to get rid of clutter is by selling old items on eBay or in your local newspaper.

TVs, antiques, clothing and other items can fetch a surprising amount when sold en masse online. Getting rid of old clutter through an eBay auction is an excellent way to raise a little bit of extra income while freeing up your home’s storage space.

This tactics can be combined with others. For example, you could list your valuable items for sale on eBay while donating less valuable but still useful items to charity, letting you raise funds and help the less fortunate at the same time.