10 Things to Organise in Time for Easter Sunday

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Clean up before Easter and enjoy a relaxing long weekend with your friends and family.

Clean up before Easter and enjoy a relaxing long weekend with your friends and family.

Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching, and now is a great time to start decluttering and organising your home in time for one of the year’s most enjoyable holidays for families.

Nothing is better than a relaxing Easter Sunday at home with your family. Read on to find out which 10 things you should organise – from your home to your calendar – for a fantastic Easter Sunday in 2015.

Your suitcase

Easter offers one of the best long weekends of the year for travelling. If you’re going on a trip – whether overnight or for the entire long weekend – prepare a week early by unpacking and decluttering your suitcase before the weekend begins.

Your living room

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing Easter at home. Prepare for the long weekend by cleaning up and decluttering your living room so that hosting guests and family at your home is nice and simple.

Your schedule

Easter Monday might be a bank holiday, but it’s back to work as usual once Tuesday rolls around. Declutter and organise your schedule over the long weekend so you’re 100% ready for work once the week begins.

Your closet

As the weather begins to get warmer, it’s worth decluttering and your closet so that your spring clothes are easy to find. Pack your thick winter coats into storage boxes and bring out your favourite spring outfits.

Your kitchen

Are you planning to cook over the Easter weekend? Prepare ahead of time by using your days off to clean out, declutter and organise your kitchen for simple, stress-free cooking over the long Easter weekend.

Your shoe rack

Since the weather is getting warmer, you’ll probably need to change your footwear from thick and arm to sleek and simple. Use the long weekend to clean up your shoe rack and bring out your spring and summer shoes.

Your linen closet

Is your winter duvet getting a little too warm for comfort? Refresh your bedroom for better sleep in spring and summer by cleaning out your linen closet and replacing all of the thick sheets you’ve gotten used to over winter.

Your garage

Gardening season starts soon, and there’s no better way to prepare than by cleaning out your garage. Organise your shelving, storage boxes and anything else that hasn’t stayed exactly where it belongs over winter.

Your garden

Is your garden looking a little unorganised after winter? Prepare for spring ahead of time by going through your garden and cleaning up anything that’s blocking a path, cluttering up your lawn or getting in the way of your favourite plants.

Your bedroom

Finally, it’s worth organising your bedroom over Easter. Since you’ll need to change your sheets and duvet to adjust to the warmer weather, Easter is a good opportunity to clean up, declutter and organise your entire bedroom.

Are you ready for Easter?

It’s not long until the long Easter weekend begins. Spend the next week decluttering and organising your home so that you’re ready to relax and enjoy life once the long weekend begins.