7 Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Organised Without Any Effort

When your home is cluttered and disorganized, putting in the time and effort that’s required to make it clean and orderly can seem impossible. Whether 30 minutes or an hour, long decluttering jobs require a massive amount of energy.

A far better way to keep your home clean, decluttered and organized is to focus on achieving small, simple goals. Break organizing down into small tasks and you will almost always find it easier to achieve your goals.

From doing small tasks right now to scheduling 10 minutes per day to declutter and organize, read on to discover seven tips that will help you take control of your home and keep it clutter-free without having to put in lots of effort.

If it takes less than five minutes, do it now

How long will it take you to clean up the living room? If the answer is less than five minutes, do it right now.

Take charge and get to work on small tasks as soon as they pop onto your radar. It’s far easier to commit to five minutes of work right now than to procrastinate all day until it seems more difficult than it really is.

Never let your kitchen counter become cluttered

A great way to prevent clutter from forming is to never let any clutter develop in a certain part of your home. Since your kitchen counter is always noticeable and one of the most frequently used parts of your home, it’s a great place to start.

Never let your kitchen counter become cluttered. When something appears on top of it, clean it up then and there. Instant action is the key to effortlessly preventing clutter from developing.

Schedule 10 minutes per day to clean and organize

It’s far easier to spend 10 minutes every day cleaning up and organizing than 60+ minutes on the weekend. Set aside 10-15 minutes of steam cleaning and organizing time each and every day and you’ll keep your home neat, clean and tidy.

Never let papers pile up on your home office desk

Use the kitchen counter-strategy in your home office. At the end of each day, make yourself organize all of your books, papers, and notes into folders so that your desk never has any clutter on it at the end of each day.

Turn clutter into cool with stylish, functional shelving

Do your books, CDs or DVDs constantly create clutter around your home? Instead of viewing small items as a source of clutter, add functional shelving to your home and turn them into part of its décor.

Put things away as soon as you’re finished with them

The easiest way to create mess and clutter is to leave items out after you’ve finished using them. From children’s toys to books and gadgets, put away items once you no longer need them and your home will never become cluttered in the first place.

Break de-cluttering down into small, simple tasks

Nothing is more demoralizing than looking at a cluttered, disorganized living room and estimating the amount of time it will take to clean up. Will it take you one hour or two? The better part of the morning or the entire day?

If your home is seriously messy and you need to clean up without writing off a day or more, break it down into smaller tasks. Create a cleaning to-do list and tick off a task or two per day to slowly and steadily achieve your decluttering goals.