How to Clean the Household Furniture Properly: Ultimate Guide

Furniture takes up the majority of space; added beauty and style too!

The fact is, no matter how much or how pricy furniture is unless you keep clean furniture of your home!

Cleaning is not an easy chore at all, especially when you have children or pets and also apply the wrong way then it brings troublesome.

In general, most of the people use the vacuum cleaner to clean their furniture and upholstery.

Perhaps the furniture lost its luxurious appearance in case of using the wrong way of cleaning! Therewithal, it will kill your valuable time with energy.

You may surprise to hear that there is a lot of technique to clean furniture as well as your entire home.

So why we decided to share some best of the best trick to clean furniture after researching with reviews, apply and getting positive feedback of these tricks.

Here’s the ultimate guide to getting furniture cleaning a breeze.

1. Cleaning of upholstery

**Always Check the tags and manufacturer instructions**

Before starting the cleaning, the smart idea is to check thoroughly the tags and manufacturer instruction that comes with your furniture and cleaning device.

So that your any doubt and question about the product will be clear. Also, it can save your lot of grief. Likewise, your sofa or couch comes with the symbol which means are-

W- clean with an only water-based detergent

S- use only pure cleaning solvent but not water-based

WS- use either water or solvent-based cleaner

X- can use just vacuum, not any others cleaning agent.

Start with Vacuum

The first and easy step is regular vacuuming of your upholstery.

A handheld cordless or backpack type of vacuum cleaner is best to use on furniture that ensures your tasks efforts less.

Don’t forget to vacuum every nook and crevices of your upholstery between cushions and where the arms of sofa meet the back.

Most of the leading vacuum cleaner comes with the attachments that including crevice tool and brushes. That is user-friendly and help to remove pets hair.

Using of Water-based solution

The water-based solution is required if your sofa has come with the ‘w’ tags. You can easily make it home!

  • First, take a spray bottle
  • Fill up the bottle with 2 cups of warm water
  • Then add a 2or3 tablespoon of liquid dish soap
  • Add 2or 3 tablespoon of white vinegar
  • After then add a pinch of baking soda

Now shake the spray bottle about 20 seconds to mix this ingredient properly.

After that, you can spray this solution on the couch and make sure it spread evenly on the full surface area which you want to clean. But don’t spray too much as there is a risk to produce ugly watermarks.

Remember you need to cover the entire surface of that couch with bubbles from edge to edge.

Using sponge or brush

After applying of cleaning solution, you need a soft sponge or soft bristle brush to rub the stain onto backside or underside of the upholstery which not seen easily.

If there is no spot or stain, then you can skip this step.

Removing of dirt and liquid

Once you have sprayed the whole surface of the couch, then it’s time to eliminate the dirt

For this, you take an absorbent cloth and dampen it very lightly with warm-hot water. Something like a soft white cloth.

Now, wipe the couch from one side to another side with the cloth. After doing some part, you can notice how gently the fabric picks up all dirt from your furniture.

Drying of upholstery

After done with the wiping, try to dry the couch surface as early as possible. Make sure there is no water remain on it. Else there is a chance of water spotting with odor.

To dry out, you can use a fan or give vacuum to the couch.

2. Cleaning of wood furniture

**Understands the finish used on your furniture**

What is the finish layer of your wood furniture? It may be stain, paint or other treatments.

Cleaning becomes easy and specific if you are familiar with the finish that used on your furniture.

In case of your uncertain about the finish on furniture, you can apply mild cleaner and latter gradually use a stronger cleaning agent on the base of furniture reaction

Wipe the surface of your furniture

Wiping or dusting is must be a part of your cleaning schedule if you want to keep the finish of your wood furniture.

Regular wiping can help to stop any deposits that produce a filmy layer on the wood surface.

Spray a little amount of water (as a lot of water make wood to warp and crack) onto a clean cloth for moistened

Or you can spray the water a little onto the surface of the furniture. Then wipe with that cloth to remove the dust.

Don’t use dry cloth or feather to loosening and removing the dirt from the surface. As here the dust can merely fly in the air, and after some time particle come back to settle down on the surface again.

That’s why the better option to get loose the dust and stopped from landing back is using a damp cloth.

Use a mild soap with water

Once you notice that there is a stain on top of the wood, then use mild soap. It can help to reduce dirt and stain.

Never use strong cleaning product without knowing your wood finish. It may spoil the finish of the surface.

Take 1 to 2 tablespoon of mild dish cleaning agent and mix well with warm water into a small bucket.

Then dip the cleaning cloth into the soapy water and squeeze it out to extract the much water.

Next, wipe your wood furniture up to down with the damp cloth after that use a clean wet cloth to remove the soap from the surface.

Lastly, dry the wood surface using dry cloth or fan.

Use baking soda paste

If you see that mild soap cant remove the marks or stain that means it’s a tough mark. So what’s the easy way to get out these hard marks?

We recommend baking soda as it is a great cleaning agent.

Make a thick paste of baking soda with water. Next, apply it on the stain and rub gently with the soft, clean cloth till it disappears.

After that, wipe it and dry wholly.

Apply non-gel toothpaste

Can’t you remove the water rings from the wood surface? You are annoyed with the rings, then non-gel toothpaste is such a lifesaver for your wood furniture!

It’s effortless to use but powerful to get out the watermarks. Put some non-gel to the water ring and rub with your soft cleaning cloth until the mark is gone.

Then wipe the toothpaste to take off and dry thoroughly.

Use tea bags with water

How to remove old polish from the wood furniture? Most of the people go with the commercial product to remove the old polish.

But if you think it expensive for you, then surely this tricks is worthy for you.

To eliminate old polish tea bags are most efficient and can revive your antique furniture. Tannic acids of tea are helping for maintaining wood.

First, boil some water and steep 2 or 3 tea bags into the boiling water. Leave the tea cool to room temperature.

After cooling it, sink a soft cloth to absorb the liquid, then wring it out and wipe the wood entirely.

Once you cleaned, you will be wondered to see the shine of the wood.

Use vinegar and olive oil

Do you notice that your wood furniture get blemish successively? If the answer is yes, then you may search the solution,

Well, applying vinegar and olive oil on the wood furniture is helps to get back the shine and glossy.

This mixture is perfect for maintaining the beauty and moisture of the woods. Try to utilize twice in a year.

Before use, don’t forget to apply in small areas to see is it match with your product.

Take a quarter cup each of white vinegar and olive oil and mix properly. Next, use it on the wood with the help of the soft cloth.

Later you will see the shiny result that utterly makes you happy!

Turpentine and linseed oil mixture

Here is another way to get back the gloss that may be lost. This solution is good for who don’t want to purchase a commercial product.

Take 1-quarter of a cup of turpentine with 3-quarter of a cup of hot linseed oil in a container. Shake these ingredients to mix them properly. Apply the mixture on the wood furniture with a clean cloth.

Wrap up

Keeping clean and shiny furniture makes your home beautiful, healthy and comfortable for you and your family members.

Also, the guest is impressed to see the shiny furniture. So try to clean the furniture entirely.

Lastly, if you have an easy idea to clean effective wood furniture, but we didn’t mention, then don’t misremember to share with us in the comment box below.