15 Home Accessories You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

© Depositphotos.com/Sandra van der Steen

© Depositphotos.com/Sandra van der Steen

Did you know that inside your home there are items and accessories that you rarely think of but can’t live without? From shoe racks to shower caddies, certain home accessories are easy to forget, but when you do forget them, it’s a big problem.

In this blog post, we’ll list 15 easily forgotten but totally essential home accessories that you truly can’t afford to live without.

Shoe rack

From dirty carpets to crumpled shoes, nothing makes your home and your footwear look worse than an entranceway without a shoe rack. Good shoe storage is essential for a tidy home and great looking shoes.

Storage hooks

From bath towels to coats, belts and bags to gowns and backpacks, storage hooks let you hang almost anything out of the way. If you struggle with an overfull closet, just a few hooks is all it takes to make everything organised again.

Remote organiser

From your TV to your DVD player, the remotes in your living room can quickly add up and make decluttering your living space a struggle. Pick up a remote organiser to simplify your living room and never search for a remote again.

Microfiber cloths

Need to clean your TV? How about your kitchen counter? Microfiber cloths make it easy to clean up dust and dirt without scratching LCD screens, delicate surfaces or other scratch-friendly items.

Shoe storage boxes

From your favourite pair of leather loafers to your glitzy, glamorous heels, the right shoe storage boxes let you keep your favourite shoes looking and feeling their best in any situation.

Beach tote bags

Need to pack for the beach? Beach tote bags are great or storing sports clothes for your workout, packing towels and other beach items or storing your laundry loads in between washes.

Shower caddy

From shampoo and conditioner to body wash and facial cleansers, the number of bottles inside the average shower makes organising difficult. Add a shower caddy and make organising your shower accessories a breeze.

First aid boxes

Need a bandage in a hurry? A first aid box is a true essential in any home. Pack yours with bandages, antibacterial creams and sprays, common medication and other vital first aid necessities.

Laundry bags

Need to organise your dirty laundry? How about storing out-of-place items as you clean up your home? Laundry bags are useful for more than just taking care of your laundry; they’re an all-purpose accessory for keeping your home tidy.

Cutlery tray

From knives and forks to teaspoons and bottle openers, keeping track of all of your cutlery can be a challenge. Add a cutlery tray to your kitchen drawers to enjoy a life without any more missing forks or teaspoons.

Office organiser

Do you constantly seem to lose pens, scissors and other office accessories? Adding a table top organiser to your home office makes organising your office equipment far easier, helping you keep track of your must-have work accessories.

Under-bed storage

From shoes to books, storing items under your bed is a great way to free up valuable space in your bedroom and decluttering your home. Add under-bed storage boxes to make the most of your under-bed storage space.

Step ladder

Need to change a light bulb? Can’t quite reach that duvet you stored on top of your bedroom closet? Keeping a step ladder in your storage closet makes it easy to reach for items that are stored beyond your usual grasp.

Craft and hobby box

Store your favourite buttons, threads and other hobby items in style. Adding a craft and hobby box to your home storage arsenal makes organising small items that get lost easily effortlessly simple.

Stylish hat boxes

From baseball caps to stylish classics, hat boxes keep your favourite headwear at its best all year round. If you’re not a hat collector, they also double as great all-purpose storage boxes for your bedroom or living area.