4 Cleaning Obsessed Celebrities

Think you’re obsessed with cleanliness? Whether you like to wash your hands every hour (not necessarily a bad idea) or you love to vacuum your home every night after work, we all have our cleaning-related quirks and OCD-like behaviours.

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Some of us, however, take it to a whole new level. From carrying a pack of napkins in their purses to wipe down doorknobs and computer keyboards to cleaning as a source of calmness, some celebrities are obsessed with being as clean as possible.

Given their profession and the importance of looking their best, it’s not as surprising as you might think. What is surprising, on the other hand, is that many of the world’s biggest and wealthiest stars do all of their cleaning by themselves.

From supermodels that love to vacuum after a day at work to A-list actresses with a phobia of dirty door handles, read on to discover which four celebrities are obsessed with keeping themselves and their surroundings clean.

Cameron Diaz

Although Cameron Diaz claims not to be germophobic, she’s occasionally been seen out in public taking some serious precautions to avoid touching door handles. Some members of the public claim Diaz opens doors using her elbows to avoid contact.

Fact or urban myth? While Cameron Diaz may not be as terrified of germs as people claim, she did recently claim in an interview that she’s generally “just not into other people’s fluids.”

Donald Trump

Rising to the top of the business world normally involves shaking hands with lots of important people. Not so for American tycoon Donald Trump. The famous investor and entrepreneur claims that he’s terrified of shaking hands.

Well, terrified of shaking hands with teachers. We’re assuming Trump was joking in his recent book The Art of the Comeback, where he advises readers that teachers are likely to have 10 times as many germs on their desks as people in other professions.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Add Gwyneth Paltrow to the “Celebrities afraid to shake hands” list. Not only does Paltrow dislike shaking hands with other people for fear of transmitting germs, but she also likes to bring her own brush and comb to the hair stylist’s salon.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s fear of shaking hands might seem a little silly, but it’s not 100% without merit. Human hands are notoriously packed with germs, making a one-off handshake a chance to transmit bacteria from one person to another.

Gisele Bündchen

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen never liked cleaning when she was growing up, preferring to make a mess rather than clean up. After having a child, however, it has become one of her favourite hobbies for passing the time at home.

Bündchen says cleaning up is “therapeutic” and apparently has a great time keeping her home clean. While her world record modelling paycheque means hiring a maid is far from unaffordable, she seems unlikely to give up her newfound home hobby.

Are you a cleaning addict?

Are you addicted to cleaning up, tidying and decluttering? Or do you hate to clean up unless you absolutely have to? If you’re a serious cleaning addict, make sure to add a cleaning accessory or two to your stocking this Christmas season. You could even use laundry bags for stockings!