4 Movie and TV Characters Who Are All About Tidiness

© Depositphotos.com/Aleksandar Jocic

© Depositphotos.com/Aleksandar Jocic

Do you have any friends who are obsessed with cleanliness? From washing their hands every 15 minutes to vacuuming every square inch of their home’s flooring, some people just love to clean.

Whether it’s because of a fear or germs or a love of cleanliness and order can be tough to tell, but it’s undeniable that some people can’t stand being around mess, clutter and untidiness and would love a little personal storage help.

Some of the world’s most iconic tidiness lovers are fictional – characters in movies and TV shows. In this blog post, we’ll profile four of the TV and movie world’s most cleanliness-obsessed characters.


Some people love to clean by choice. Others, such as in the case of iconic Disney film character Cinderella, are forced to clean and tidy. Tormented by her stepmother, the teenage Cinderella spends her days cleaning, tidying and scrubbing her home.

Equal parts domestic servant and abused family slave, Cinderella’s life turns around when her down to earth attitude and focus on hard work and caring wins her Prince Charming’s love.

Monica Geller

Remember Friends? Monica’s obsession with cleanliness and organisation got more and more ridiculous as the show went on, with her constantly cleaning up after the other characters made a mess of things.

Monica’s obsession with cleanliness culminated in her leaving a pair of her socks in the living room of her apartment while she slept, in order to prove she wasn’t quite as OCD as others thought. The end result: a night of frustrating, stressful insomnia.

Jerry Seinfeld

Another 1990s TV legend, Jerry Seinfeld – that is, the character Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld, not the comedian himself – is infamously obsessed with keeping himself, his apartment and his immediate surroundings as clean as humanly possible.

Despite the lengths Jerry goes to keep his life neat and tidy, his two best friends – the helpless but charming George Costanza and mega-untidy neighbour Kramer – manage to ensure it’s about as messy as a human existence possibly can be.

Seinfeld’s obsession with cleanliness hits its peak when he disposes of a pair of new shoelaces. The reason: they ever-so-briefly brushed against the tiled floor of a public restroom. Whether it’s OCD or clean obsession, Seinfeld’s neatness was legendary.

Mary Poppins

We’ve written about Mary Poppins’ love of cleaning before, sharing her top tips for living a neat and tidy life. No one else in the world of entertainment made cleaning up and tidying as easy – or as fun – as she could.

Mary Poppins loved to clean for one great reason: it, like anything else, can be fun if you approach it with the right attitude. From singing to making cleaning a friendly competition, Mary Poppins found endless ways to make cleaning interesting.

You don’t need to be the Banks children to apply her timeless decluttering lessons to your life. Think of anything you dislike doing – from sorting clothing to vacuuming – and turn it into a fun game to make it a more interesting experience.