5 Fun Ways to Get the Kids Involved in Cleaning Your Home

© Depositphotos.com/Nagy-Bagoly Ilona

© Depositphotos.com/Nagy-Bagoly Ilona

From summer holidays to busy weekends, there are plenty of moments in which the kids can create mess. From discarded clothes to messy bedrooms, cleaning up often becomes an everyday occurrence with young children.

Luckily, it’s easy to get the kids involved in cleaning up and decluttering. As well as making decluttering easier, getting your kids involved teaches them the importance of being clean, tidy and organised.

In this blog post, we’ll share five fun ways that you can get young children involved in cleaning up your house. From their favourite movies to hide and seek rewards, give these tactics a try next time your home is in need of a weekend clean-up.

Pump up the music and have fun

Do your children have a favourite band? Play their favourite music while you clean up and sing along to make the experience more fun. A playlist of 5-10 songs should be enough to keep you busy while you clean up your home.

Better yet, use their favourite songs as an incentive to clean up. Switch on the stereo in between each room you clean as a reward for putting their clothes, toys and other items back where they belong.

Turn decluttering into a fun game

Who says decluttering has to be boring? Instead of thinking of decluttering as a task, turn it into a fun game. Help your kids count the number of items they clean up and put back where they belong to turn cleaning into a friendly competition.

Just like listening to music doubles as an incentive to clean up, making decluttering into a game doubles as a fantastic way to improve your children’s maths skills and make them more confident counters.

Teach the kids to alphabetize

Does your book shelf need to be reorganised? Instead of storing books without any type of sorting system, use your bookshelf clean-up as an opportunity to teach your children how to alphabetize things.

Start with A, then go on to B, C and so on. You can also alphabetize other objects in your home, from snacks and cooking ingredients inside the pantry to spices you’ve got stored in your kitchen spice rack.

Host your own family fashion show

Are some of your old clothes worn, stained or out of style? Before you throw them away or donate them, have a fun family fashion show where you and your children try on old outfits.

From jackets you haven’t worn since the 1980s to stylish outfits that no longer look as good as they once did, family fashion shows are a great opportunity to show your children the styles and looks of the past while cleaning your home.

Turn cleaning into hide and seek

Here’s a great way to get your children interested in cleaning: hide change around the house for them to find as they clean up. Find 5-10 small coins and hide them in cupboards, under books, behind messy items and elsewhere.

As you and the children clean, you’ll discover these rewards and gain a reason to keep on cleaning. For as little as £2 in coins, you can pack your house with serious cash and turn your weekly clean-up into an exciting treasure hunt.