Why Beyonce should consider vacuum storage

© Depositphotos.com/Kathy Hutchins

© Depositphotos.com/Kathy Hutchins

From street wear to high fashion, Beyonce’s wardrobe covers every imaginable style and a few that even the most creative designer might struggle to imagine. Thanks to her busy tour schedule, Beyonce’s iconic outfits travel around the world with her.

How does she handle such a massive wardrobe? Interviews with Beyonce’s fashion and footwear consultant reveal some of the pop icon’s habits regarding shoes, but it still isn’t known how she transports her massive stage and street wardrobe.

Some fun facts: Despite being known for her creative shoes, Beyonce never wears anything taller than 3½ inches on stage. She’s also never broken a heel in over ten years of touring, no matter how wild her on-stage show can get.

Why Beyonce should consider using vacuum clothing storage

Transporting hundreds of outfits around the world isn’t easy, especially when you have a busy schedule to stick to. Beyonce’s outfits range from unique to incredible, but all could benefit from some simple vacuum storage bags.

Not only does vacuum storage keep clothes looking crisp and crease-free – a must when you’re making public appearances or performing on stage – it also slims them down substantially and makes them easier to transport.

That means Beyonce can fit three times as many outfits into each of her suitcases as she does now, freeing up space for high-end shopping trips, souvenirs and gifts from her huge network of worldwide fans.

How vacuum storage makes beautiful outfits last longer

Do you travel a lot like Beyonce? When your clothes get packed into a suitcase and stored in the baggage hold, the temperature and humidity changes that occur while you fly can make mould, mildew and other damage set in.

Vacuum storage doesn’t just reduce the form factor of your outfits – it also protects your clothes from the outside environment. Whether you’re a pop star or a fashion guru, storing your clothes in vacuum storage keeps them looking great for longer.

Better yet, your clothes unpack looking just like they did when you stored them in the first place. From on-stage outfits to everyday street wear, vacuum storage gives anyone – from pop star to travel guru – simple access to perfectly prepared clothes.

Give yourself more suitcase space to shop for new outfits

From three-hour marathon shopping sessions in London’s Top Shop central branch to private shopping tours of some of New York and Paris’s most exclusive boutiques, Beyonce really knows how to shop.

Even if you haven’t got a pop star’s budget, using vacuum storage helps you free up space in your suitcase or travel bag for more outfits. In fact, you’ll be able to fit three times as many outfits in your suitcase using just one or two vacuum storage bags.

From everyday favourites to Beyonce-inspired outfits that are sure to turn plenty of heads, pack everything you like into your suitcase and never be without the perfect outfit – whether you’re a pop star or a fashionista – using vacuum storage.