Why Kate Middleton should invest in hat boxes!

© Depositphotos.com/Thomas Dutour

© Depositphotos.com/Thomas Dutour

Elegant, beautiful and stylish, the Duchess of Cambridge is rarely seen without a new hat, or two… or three. While Kate Middleton’s entire wardrobe is fantastic, it’s her stylish hats that catch our eye whenever she makes a public appearance.

Over the last few years, Kate’s stylish and eye-catching hats have evolved from her unique accessory into a world famous fashion statement. On her 32nd birthday, the future Queen Consort even received a 32-hat online salute from Celebuzz.

With so many hats to choose from, high quality hat boxes should be one of Kate’s top priorities. We’ve offered five simple tips to help the future Queen Consort keep her extensive collection of beautiful hats looking their best for years to come.

Dust them frequently

From deep brown to royal blue, Kate Middleton’s hats range hugely in colour just as much as they do in style. No matter what colour they are, however, every hat has an enemy in the form of dust.

To keep the Duchess of Cambridge’s hats in perfect condition, she (or more likely her team) should make sure they’re dusted frequently. Daily dustings aren’t quite necessary, but a quick dust-off once a week will prevent them from fading.

Invest in hat storage

With hundreds of hats to choose from, organisation can become a nightmare. Kate Middleton’s extensive hat collection would be far easier to organise and select from for events if it were neatly organised in hat storage boxes.

Forget hooks and hangers – these can twist, pull and distort even the most durable of hats. A stylish set of hat boxes, complete with labels, makes organising a massive hat collection like Kate’s simple.

Avoid mould and mildew

Nothing’s worse than mould and mildew ruining your favourite hat, especially if it’s the one you were planning to wear to a royal event. Moisture leads to mildew, and a great way to avoid it is by storing hats securely inside tight, dry hat boxes.

Common hat storage locations like dark, damp closets are magnets for mould. While we’re sure Kate Middleton has a spacious closet that’s unlikely to develop mildew in the coming future, it’s best to use hat boxes… just in case!

Keep favourites on a shelf

Hat boxes are ideal for the most elegant hats – stunning accessories worn during the most important events and occasions. However, sometimes it’s best to have your top hats within easy reach for popping out for brunch or a quick meeting.

While Kate’s most elegant hats should always be kept inside boxes, shelving or a hat rack is the perfect place to store daily favourites. This way, finding the right hat for a prestigious event becomes a one-minute affair.

Match stylish hats with stylish boxes

Who says hat boxes need to be plain? Many hat boxes are just as stylish and elegant as the hats they’re storing! From pink or blue to black or white, the future Queen Consort can easily match her favourite hats to colour-coded boxes.

Better yet, Kate Middleton can accessorise her hat storage collection with beautiful ribbons, tags and more. Talk about stylish storage – how many hat collections look just as good in their boxes as they do out of them?