The Many Uses of a Laundry Basket

By September 17, 2014 Just for Fun No Comments
© Sirotina

© Sirotina

Do you have a spare laundry basket or two sitting around your home? While laundry baskets may seem like they’re useless outside the bathroom, a laundry basket that’s used properly can become one of the most useful and versatile items in your home.

In this blog post, we’ve catalogued eight surprising and effective ways to use your spare laundry basket to make trips to the beach more exciting, cleaning up easier and carrying pets around the house an absolute breeze.

Store hoses and sprinklers

Got a hose that always seems to unravel itself? Instead of letting it tangle itself on your lawn, coil your hose in circles and store it inside a space laundry basket. You can also throw in your sprinklers to make organising your gardening tools simple.

Organise children’s toys

Do your children’s toys seem to spread out across your home in minutes? Pack their toys into a plastic laundry basket for simple organisation; since you can see where each toy is, finding the right toy to play with is quick and easy.

Simplify cleaning your home

Does your home always seem to become cluttered? Pick up an empty laundry basket and start cleaning up from the far end of your home, using the basket to store any of your items that somehow ended up in the wrong place.

Have a fun day at the beach

Feel like a fun day out? Pack your swimsuits and towels into a laundry basket for an exciting day at the beach. Once you’re unpacked and on the sand, flip the basket over for a convenient flat surface that doubles as a picnic table.

Cover plants during a storm

If a storm’s on the way, there’s no need to fret about delicate or valuable plants you have in your garden. Take a spare laundry basket and flip it over, then place it over the plants you need to protect. If necessary, tie it into the ground to keep it steady.

Carry pets around the house

Do you have a cat or small dog that you need to transport around the home? Instead of shooing your pet from one room to another, pick it up in your laundry basket and carry it in comfort – and, in your case, convenience.

Sort travel sheets and towels

Do you have a guest coming to stay? Are you travelling to a holiday rental house? If you need to keep spare sheets and towels ready for a  trip or visitor, storing them in a spare laundry basket is a great way to keep them aerated and fresh.

All-purpose clutter collector

Here’s another creative way to use your laundry basket to prevent clutter: if you’ve got an item that’s out of place and about to create clutter, toss it inside your laundry basket. At the end of the day, go through the basket and put everything in place.

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