The Many Uses of Coat Hangers

© Samorodova

© Samorodova

Who says you need to use coat hangers for hanging clothes? From sunglasses and jewellery to magazines, coat hangers can be used to sort and organise hundreds of items in your home.

If you’ve got some extra coat hangers on hand and want to tidy and organise every room of your home – from your bedroom to your bathroom – try one of the 10 uses of coat hangers we’ve cataloged below.

Organising your flip flops

Is your flip flop collection taking over your closet? Organise your flip flops with ease by bending the edges of your wire hangers upwards and slipping them between the toes of your flip flops. Voila – an improvised flip flop hanger!

Holding your sunglasses

Got lots of sunglasses to store? From designer shades to cheap and cheerful summer eye protection, organising your sunglasses is easy with a coat hanger. Hang them up on your coat hanger – use a wooden one to avoid scratching your sunglasses.

Hanging your towels

Need to hang your bath towels but don’t have a wall hanger ? Turn your coat hanger upside down and mount it on the wall for a convenient, stylish improvised towel or washcloth hanger.

Draining your dishes

Coat hangers can easily be repurposed into an improvised dish rack. You’ll need at least eight hangers, as well as some simple hand tools to make an improvised dish rack following this guide on Instructables.

Holding your magazines

Here’s an easy way to keep your bathroom reading material organised and easy to reach: take a coat hanger and hang it it from a hook or doorknob. Then, store your favourite magazines on the bottom, horizontal wire.

Organising your accessories

Got bracelets, belts or other accessories to organise? Instead of stacking them on top of each other in your closet and taking up valuable storage real estate, hang them up using a spare coat hanger.

Sorting your sets of keys

From car keys to house keys, keeping track of multiple key rings can be a pain. Use a wooden coat hanger with a few small hooks attached to make organising all of your keys unbelievably simple.

Holding bracelets and ribbons

Do you love arts and crafts? Instead of searching through your closet for ribbons or fabric to use in your creations, store your rolls of fabric or ribbons on a multi coat hanger like this to keep them all within reach.

Cleaning blocked drains

Did you know that you can unblock drains using a coat hanger? Take a hanger and unravel it carefully, then turn it into a long metal hook. Reach down the drain with the hanger and jiggle it back and forth to dislodge the cause of the blockage.

Hanging your calendar

Whether you’re a student or a professional, keeping track of your schedule is a vital part of being organised and successful. Keep your calendar in view at all times with an improvised calendar holder made from a coat hanger mounted on your wall.