The Messiest Rooms on Film

Every set designer loves putting together a messy bedroom. Bedrooms can be great windows into the personality of a character, with small details like framed pictures and posters hinting at interests, values and personality traits.

While some on-screen bedrooms are immaculately clean and high-tech – think of Mr Tony Stark’s bedroom from the Iron Man series, for example – others are messy and disorganised to an extent that would shock even the messiest of viewers.

In this blog post, we’ll look at three of the messiest rooms on film and explain how they let us learn more about the characters in question, their tidying habits and the keys to decorating your bedroom with neat, orderly style.

Ferris Bueller’s interesting interior decorating


Is it possible to grow up in the 80s and not secretly envy Ferris Bueller? 1980s teen classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off brought us into the world of Chicago teenager Ferris Bueller – the coolest, laziest kid in high school.

After faking sickness – the key is clammy hands – Ferris wakes up to enjoy a day off in his bedroom. As 1980s teen bedrooms go, it’s one of the coolest – as well as one of the messiest – we’ve ever seen.

A computer, vintage stereo, remote controlled helicopter, television, synthesiser and statue are all packed into Bueller’s bedroom, as well as enough national flags to fill a courtyard at the United Nations.

Although he doesn’t spend much of the film at home, Bueller’s bedroom is every 80s teen’s dream. It’s packed with technology, decorated with no sense of order and far messier than anyone else’s parents would ever let them get away with.

Compared to stressed and nervous Cameron’s clean and ultra-modern bedroom, the messy but charming environment that Ferris spends his time in tells us all we need to know about his character.

Kat Stratford’s poster-plastered bedroom walls


In 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat Stratford’s bedroom brings us into the mind of an angsty teen constantly in conflict with her parents. Every square inch of Stratford’s room is covered in posters, pictures and other improvised decorations.

While it might not be as high-tech as Ferris Bueller’s room, Kat Stratford’s room is just as messy and equally great at telling us what we need to know about her as an independent character.

Here, angst and teenage rebellion are the dominant style. In contrast, Bueller’s room was all about cluttered but smooth confidence – something showcased in his messy, eccentric but somehow still organised decorating style.

An inspiration for thousands of culture-loving teenagers in the late 1990s, Kat might not know how to clean up a messy bedroom, but she sure did know how to create an iconic bedroom that attracted plenty of attention.

Juno’s bedroom, complete with hamburger phone


Another iconic teen movie, another famous bedroom. Juno’s bedroom is packed with interesting gadgets, including the film’s most memorable accessory: the hamburger phone.

Juno’s bedroom follows the standard rule of teenage movie bedroom decorating: an interesting combination of clutter, chaos and order. From the haphazard posters to the quilted bedspread, it’s the perfect combination of cluttered and charming.