Why you don’t need to declutter your home…debunked!

We’ve seen lots of phrases about cleaning and decluttering over on our Pinterest account which have struck a chord with us. We’ve always been advocates of having a tidy home which is pleasing, pleasant, clean and free from mess (after all it’s our business!) but having seen some images, like the one below, we’ve been having a rethink about our principals and our stance on a home to be proud of. In fact we’ve been thinking about this so much, it prompted us to blog about why it isn’t necessary to declutter your home.
creative minds are rarely tidy

1. They say creative minds are rarely tidy

We don’t know about you but we like to think that we’re creative. But then we also like to think we keep a tidy home. Does one statement negate the other? We’re feeling rather sad that this phrase means that we can’t possibly have any creative vision! Let’s think about some creative minds – what about Albert Einstein? Did he keep a tidy desk? He was once famously quoted as saying:

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is the sign of an empty desk?”

Well we put this to you Mr Einstein: what about an organised desk? A direct causation would infer an organised mind. Intellectual geniuses might be able to deal and get away with a messy room, and although we’re a pretty smart bunch here at Neat & Tidy, we’re certainly no particle physicists. If you want to take Einstein’s quote very much literally, then go ahead, have a messy desk. But don’t come crying to us when you can’t think straight, when you lose your important documents or when you spill coffee all over that library book that’s four weeks overdue.

2. Messy homes are ‘homely’

A little bit of clutter and having lots of ‘stuff’ around the house is often considered warm, inviting, and the sign of a ‘lived in’ house. We all want our houses to be considered warm and inviting, sure – no one wants to live in a show home in which guests are frightened to sit down. But hold on; don’t we often hold subjective views about what is messy – what you think is tidy probably isn’t to your guests. “Who cares what other people think”, you say! Yes, it is your home and yes, you do have to live in it but the reality is, you probably think your house looks like this:

clutter before

When actually it looks like this:

clutter before

Cosy and homely? Go figure.

3. Life is too short

Life IS too short. Agreed. No one is disputing that! These days everyone is ‘too busy’, they don’t have ‘enough hours in the day’, there is ‘more to life than cleaning’. Yes, we know! We’re fans of making the most of your time and not spending enslaved to the vacuum cleaner – but – isn’t life really about balance and efficiency? IF you’re organised, and IF you make sure you do the fun stuff AND make time here and there for sorting, decluttering and cleaning…wouldn’t that make our short lives all the more enjoyable? We think there’s time for both. PLUS you get a greater sense of achievement so that when you do do the boring stuff, it makes the fun stuff that much more, well, fun!

Amen to that!