The First Steps to Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

By November 26, 2014 Minimalist No Comments
Decluttering your mind and environment gives you an incredible amount of freedom.

Decluttering your mind and environment gives you an incredible amount of freedom.

There are numerous advantages to being a minimalist. From lower bills and far less interest in spending money to feeling less attached to home and having the freedom to travel more, owning less – in many ways – means living more.

How much of what you own do you really use? From clutter to possessions, a lot of what you own can limit you. If you’d like to become a minimalist, take these seven simple but effective first steps to declutter and simplify your lifestyle.

Spend an hour cleaning out your email subscriptions

How many emails do you get each day? How many of those emails do you actually need to read? Most of the emails we get are mindless alerts and notifications; the others tend to be promotions and spam.

Spend an hour decluttering your inbox and unsubscribing from alerts and email newsletters you rarely read. The more minimalistic and orderly your inbox, the simpler and more organised your life.

Wait a week before you buy anything you don’t need

Are you an impulse shopper? We all spot items we don’t need in stores from time to time. What separates minimalists from shopaholics is their ability to come to terms with the fact that they don’t need everything they see.

If you’re used to buying items you like on an impulse, use this trick to turn yourself into more of a minimalist: when you see something you like, force yourself to wait a week before buying it. 90% of the time, you’ll quickly forget about it altogether.

Find 10 items from around your home to donate

How much of what you own do you really need? There’s no better way to become a minimalist than to declutter your home, and there’s no better time to start cleaning and decluttering than right now.

Look through your closet and find 10 items you don’t need. Remove them and pack them away to donate to people who can truly use them. If you want to really reduce your home’s clutter factor, repeat this process every month.

Focus on achieving one small, simple goal at a time

Some of the world’s most successful people have been minimalists. By pushing away unimportant tasks and thoughts to focus entirely on the things that truly matter, you can achieve amazing things.

Train your mind to be more minimalistic by focusing entirely on one goal at once. If you have big ambitions, break them down into smaller, more achievable goals. Work on one at a time with no distractions and you’ll become amazingly productive.

Practice the wonderful art of mindful eating

What do you do when you eat? Most of us chat, watch television, or do other things while we eat that take our mind off our meal. The end result is a far less enjoyable meal and none of the peace and relaxation that eating can provide.

Become more of a minimalist by practicing mindful eating. When you sit down and eat, switch off the television and other distractions and focus on savouring the food in front of you. Not only will you relax more – you’ll appreciate food far more.

Spend an afternoon decluttering your home

Is your home full of things you rarely use and don’t need? In order to become a more minimalistic person, you need to live in a minimalistic environment. Start by turning your home into less of a cluttered living space and more of a mindful environment.

Spend an afternoon cleaning up, sorting and decluttering. The more organised and minimalistic your environment is, the more productive, happy and focused you will become as a person.