Motivation Monday: It always seems impossible until it’s done



From exercise to cleaning up, some of the easiest things seem impossible until you start working on them. Fighting procrastination isn’t easy, whether it’s cleaning up your home or making a change to your career that you’re constantly postponing.

What’s amazing about procrastination is that it often costs are far more time and energy than we’d spend if we simply got down to work and started taking action towards achieving our goals and keeping our lives organised.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can avoid letting procrastination make easy tasks seem impossible and turn taking action and getting things done into a habit that organises your life and de-clutters your home.

Take the first step… the rest will naturally follow

One of the hardest parts of taking action is making the first step. Whether you’re cleaning up your home and organising your possessions or changing your career, the first step is almost always the hardest to make.

Entrepreneurs and investors like to joke that the first million dollars is the hardest to make. It might sound silly, but it’s true – doing something the first time is always more challenging than repeating a routine you’ve gotten used to.

Whenever you feel like putting off something – whether it’s tidying up your home or starting a new project – force yourself to do at least the first 10 per cent. The rest, as they say, will happen naturally.

Think of challenges as opportunities, not obstacles

The bigger the challenge, the better you’ll feel after you accomplish it. Think of tasks and challenges as opportunities to show yourself how hard you can work instead of viewing them as barriers or obstacles.

Adopt a stoic mentality to taking action, whether it’s decluttering your bedroom or making a change to your lifestyle. Big challenges require a lot of hard work, but the reward – both the practical reward and knowing you can do it – makes up for it.

Make decluttering a routine, not an unusual activity

When you turn repetitive, boring tasks into routines, they no longer seem quite as impossible as they used to. The more familiar you are with a challenge, the more of an ordinary activity it seems and the less you’ll worry about it being impossible.

Instead of decluttering and cleaning up when it feels like the right thing to do, set a decluttering schedule for yourself. Whether it’s five minutes a day or once a week, set aside time to clean up and declutter to make it a normal, predictable activity.

Declutter your mind to create better life habits

The cleaner your home is, the cleaner your mind will be. As well as making home decluttering a habit, try decluttering your mind to create better habits and become more focused and driven.

Set aside time to achieve your goals and organise your life. Apply the same schedule that you use for decluttering to other goals you want to accomplish, whether they’re related to your career or your personal health and fitness.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Start taking small steps and making big challenges into measurable goals and you’ll be blown away by how much your life will change and how much you’re capable of accomplishing.