Letting Go Gives Us Freedom

© Depositphotos.com/Yu Liufu

© Depositphotos.com/Yu Liufu

From a cluttered mind to a cluttered home, sometimes the best way to fix a problem is by letting go of it. Minimalists have long spoken about the freedom of having less – a philosophy that can be incredibly freeing for homeowners beset by clutter.

In this blog post, we’ll look at all the ways letting go – from donating old clothing to the less fortunate to letting go of problematic relationships – can give us additional freedom, comfort and happiness in our lives.

Letting go of possessions makes organising simple

It’s difficult to organise your home when every inch is occupied. From books you’ve never read to DVDs you’ve only watched once a few years ago, a lot of the items we furnish our homes with more negative value than positive value.

Free yourself from the frustration of having to constantly organise and declutter by donating old books, movies, clothes and other possessions. Not only will you free up space in your home; you’ll also help the local community.

Letting go of bad relationships makes us happy

Do you have a friend or associate that’s occasionally your enemy? Some people are drains on your energy because of their negative attitudes, and being around them is enough to drive you insane.

Sometimes the ultimate freedom is saying “no” to social engagements or work that makes you frustrated, stressed or unhappy. Spending less time with the people who add emotional clutter to your life can be an incredibly freeing experience.

Letting go of possessions frees you to be more mobile

Would you like to take an extended holiday? Although most jobs make travelling for the long term difficult, having fewer possessions makes you more mobile and gives you more power to easily move locations.

Remember, it’s a lot easier to travel with one suitcase than with five. When you rid yourself of unwanted, unnecessary possessions, your lifestyle barely changes even when you’re on the road with a single suitcase.

Letting go of status symbols frees you of the rat race

Are you tired of keeping up with the Joneses? Whether it’s the latest LED TV or an even more prestigious car, obsessing over material status symbols is a good way to make yourself miserable in the long run.

Freeing yourself of status symbols like luxury cars or high-end items lets you easily escape the status-obsessed rat race. Not only will you save money; you’ll be happier that you no longer have to worry about having the best items of your social circle.

Letting go of material items saves you lots of money

Sometimes the most beautiful homes are the most simple. Instead of being packed with possessions and decorations, they use space sensibly and focus on aesthetics and beauty instead of items that can quickly devolve into clutter.

Taking a minimalistic approach to your home doesn’t just make your home less of a cluttered mess or stressful environment; it also saves you money. When your home is furnished with minimalism in mind, you’re able to free up more of your income.