Never organise what you can discard

© Jones

© Jones

Professional organiser Peter Walsh has a favourite saying: “Never organise what you can discard.”

From DVDs we rarely watch to outfits we rarely wear, almost everyone owns a few possessions that take up space while serving little to no purpose. Instead of keeping them out of sight, why not simply discard them and free up valuable space?

Walsh lists a simple criteria for determining what you should keep and what should be discarded. If it doesn’t get you closer to the life you want, it’s often not worth the effort it takes to keep.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of five common items that take up massive amounts of space in your home and cause huge amounts of clutter, all of which can be discarded or digitised to help you enjoy a cleaner, less cluttered home.

Electronic gadgets

From outdated gaming consoles to travel translators, how many electronic gadgets do you have that rarely get used? Many of these items take up space under your bed or in your entertainment console while offering very little in return.

Instead of discarding old travel gadgets, put them up for auction on EBay or through Craigslist. Many people will be happy to pay to take old DVD players, game consoles and other electronic devices off your hands.

Rarely worn outfits

That dress you bought on sale five years ago and never wore – is it really worth the space it takes up in your closet? Many people buy clothes on a whim and never wear them, leading to a cluttered closet that’s full of uninteresting outfits.

Discarding rarely worn clothes might feel difficult, but it’s a great strategy for giving yourself a clutter-free closet. Instead of throwing your old clothes away, give them to a local charity organisation or sell them to your local thrift store.

Cables and adapters

Do you really need spare Ethernet cables in the age of Wi-Fi? Just how useful are the five travel adapters you’ve accumulated from various international holidays? Cables and adapters can build up and clutter your office or storage closet with ease.

Unfortunately, many cables can also unravel while packed away and make cleaning out your closet a headache. Use the one year rule – if you haven’t used it in the last year, throw it away – to clean up your outdated cable and adapter collection.

DVDs and albums

When was the last time you watched the hundreds of DVDs you’ve got stacked up in your living room? DVDs, CDs and other discs can take up a massive amount of space and offer little value in the era of broadband Internet and DVRs.

Do you want to declutter your living room in minutes? Replace your DVDs and CDs with digitised albums on iTunes or a monthly Spotify subscription to digitise your music collection and declutter your living room.

Files and documents

From account statements to personal notes, most documents needn’t be stored in a filing cabinet or desk drawer. Digitising your documents is a great way to clear away space in your home office and declutter your workspace.

Apply the paperless principle to your home office and replace bulky documents and paper files with digitised versions of all your business notes. A few hours with your scanner is all it takes to massively declutter your office or personal workspace.

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