Motivational Monday: You Never Know What You Have Until You Clean Your Room

you never know what you have until you clean your room
We’ve all been teenagers at one stage in our lives, no matter what anyone tells you. We don’t know about you but our rooms were definitely a mess at one stage or another. My, how things have changed.

We came across this wonderful quote on Pinterest which inspired our post for this week’s #MotivationalMonday.

Putting things in places which are safe

We’re all guilty of putting something in a ‘safe place’ and then, weirdly, you forget where that safe place is – and lo! You lose it. Tidying and sorting often leads to rediscovering this safe place and a multitude of ‘safely stored’ items!

It was there all along!

No matter how organised you are sometimes the thing defeating you is one’s ability to look carefully! We all at times bypass that attention to detail and the hawk-eyedness we definitely should have. Sorting through things properly and stacking things neatly will help avoid this problem. When items are organised in a proper way – rediscovering that long-lost item when you tidy your room will be a thing of the past.

You never know what you have until you clean your room

Finally you’ve found that spare set of keys that you never knew you had. You’ve rediscovered the craft kit which your grandma gave you four Christmases ago (and now you’re intending to take up needlework again). You’ve also miraculously acquired a jumper which you can’t recall buying in the first place. Bingo – new outfit. There’s something to be said about cleaning your room (although we don’t recommend saying this straight up to a hormonal teenager). But isn’t there a lesson in here somewhere? If we didn’t even know we had something, surely that’s a sign of keeping things we don’t need – something which we like to call ‘clutter’.

Maybe it’s it’s time to reassess and organise. Cut out the clutter.

What forgotten items have you found when you’ve tidied up your room, or anywhere else for that matter?