10 Tips We Could Give to Manolo Blahnik About Shoe Storage

© Depositphotos.com/Kathy Hutchins

© Depositphotos.com/Kathy Hutchins

Self-taught Spanish fashion designer Manolo Blahnik’s shoes have been attracting attention for decades. Known for reinventing the stiletto in the platform-heavy 1970s, Blahnik famously keeps a pair of all of his designs inside his Bath residence.

With over 25,000 unique shoe designs to his name, Blahnik’s collection is certainly extensive. To help the legendary shoe designer keep his collection in good condition, we’ve offered 10 helpful shoe storage and presentation tips.

Give them plenty of fresh air

Nothing ages a pair of shoes like stale air. Make sure your favourite pairs get plenty of fresh air to keep them looking and feeling their best. If you need to, take them out of storage once in a while for fresh air and sunlight.

Don’t stack or pile up shoes

Can you imagine a pile of more than 25,000 shoes? Piling up shoes results in damage to their shape and structure. Separate shoes and store them on a rack or inside shoe storage boxes to preserve their shape and finish.

Use shoe storage containers

Got lots of shoes to organise? When you’re organising thousands of shoes, it helps to have some storage boxes on hand. Clear plastic shoe storage containers make it easy to organise even the most extensive collections.

Keep your favourites on a rack

When your shoe collection numbers in the thousands, it’s easy to lose track of your favourites. Keep your best pairs within easy reach by keeping them on a shoe rack instead of inside the closet.

Let them dry before storing

Pack away damp shoes and you’ll quickly have to deal with mould and mildew. Make sure every pair of shoes is dry before you store it away, no matter how hardy it may look before it goes into storage.

Plan for easy accessibility

How hard is it to access your favourite pair of shoes? Even if your collection reaches into the thousands, being able to access a classic pair of heels or flats in moments is always important.

Use shoe trees for shape

Nothing hurts like unpacking your favourite pair of shoes to notice that they’ve lost their shape. Use shoe trees to preserve the shape of your favourite pairs and ensure they look their best for years to come.

Don’t neglect any pairs

Shoes from 10, 20 or 30 years ago can look and feel out of date today. However, over time their retro appeal increases. Treat all of your pairs well, regardless of how aged and dated they might look right now.

Turn your shoes into wall art

From glittery platforms to leopard print pumps, eye-catching pairs of iconic shoes can be great interior decorating pieces. If you’ve got a pair that’s impossible not to notice, mount then in your living room and turn them into amazing wall art. Some of our wall mounted shoe racks look pretty arty!

Create a conversation starter

Who says shoes belong in storage? With 25,000 pairs to choose from, picking shoes to use as bookends and decorating accessories is easy. Pick a pair of platforms and turn them into a conversation starter on your coffee table or bookcase.