How not to store your shoes

How to store shoesIs your shoe collection taking over your closet? Whether you’ve just invested in your first pair of high quality shoes or need help storing your favourite casual pairs, there are good and bad ways to safely store your shoes collection.

In this blog post, we’ll cover six common shoe storage mistakes and show you better ways to keep your footwear fresh, free of odour, easily accessible and looking brand new.


Storing shoes in damp, mouldy spaces


Shoes are a magnet for mould when stored in dark, damp spaces. If your closet has very little ventilation, make sure your shoes are completely dry and free of dirt and bacteria before you store them inside.


Wet clothing and old coats can often attract mould and moths to your closet. Keep your shoes in open spaces where there’s plenty of air circulating to avoid the moths and mould that an old closet or chest of drawers can attract.


Tossing shoes to the bottom of your closet


Think your shoes are indestructible? It can be tempting to toss your shoes into your closet and pick them off the floor when you need them. Doing so might be easy, but it’s a great way to misshape and scuff your shoes.


Instead of tossing your shoes into your closet, arrange them neatly so that no pair is in contact with another. This way, you’ll never have to deal with damaged soles and heels or leather scuffing.


Discarding a pair of shoes on your doorstep


If you live in an area with a humid or damp climate, avoid storing your shoes outside your home. Even if they’re protected from the weather by an awning, the damp air is the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to develop.


Keep your shoes inside your home, either in storage boxes or on a shoe rack close to your entranceway. Instead of storing sports shoes and hiking boots outside to avoid nasty odours, spray them with shoe freshener and store them inside.


Storing men’s shoes without shoe trees


That nice pair of oxfords or loafers won’t hold its shape on its own. When you store a pair of men’s leather shoes, make sure you use a shoe tree to help the shoes retain their original shape.


Shoe trees are designed to match the shape of your feet, moulding the leather used in your shoes to your foot and preventing creases from forming. Prevent your shoes from developing an odour by using cedar shoe trees, which absorb most moisture.


Stacking your shoes on top of each other


Stacking one pair of shoes on top of another might seem like a great way to free up closet space, but it’s actually a serious mistake. A pile of unorganised shoes makes finding your favourite pairs a challenge, as well as damaging many of your shoes.


If you want to store your shoes vertically, use clear plastic shoe storage containers to keep each pair separate and easily accessible. This method also prevents shoes from rubbing against one another and producing scuffs and scratches.


Storing wet or dirty shoes in a container


Shoe storage containers are great for organising your shoes collection, but putting a pair of wet or dirty shoes in a storage box is a serious mistake. Moisture and dirt are two elements that produce mouldy, smelly and seriously stained shoes.


Before you store your shoes, let them dry out and clean away any dirt or mud. Spray smelly pairs with shoe freshener and let them air out for 24 hours before you store them in a sealed container.