ThermaPro 10-in-1 Steam Mop Cleaner Review

To be honest, nobody likes cleaning at all. But, with Thermapro steam mop cleaning can be fun like never before. Because it wraps up every mess without hovering much time and effort.

It cleans literally everything. You want your grout cleaned? Don’t worry at all, this wonder cleaner covers that up in a jiffy.

Or you want to clean your kitchen grime? Or maybe the shower and bathroom walls? Yes! Everything is under control when you’re gonna have Thermapro 10 in 1 steam cleaner.

Well, it’s a handheld steam cleaner made with premium components. Including a flexible hose, you can trace every edge of your household surfaces.

Now, with the super-fast and constant steaming, you can continue cleaning without any inconvenience. Most importantly without being harsh on the floors it makes your house cleaner and healthier than before.

Moreover, it’s completely eco-friendly. If you have any pets or kids in your house then for your kind information this steam cleaner doesn’t require any chemicals but distilled and tap water to scare all the residues.

And what if I tell you it provides 99.99% sanitization by killing all the germs and bacteria just you after you strike the hose.

Luckily, the manufactures build it excessively light and maneuverable. Hence, no need to miss out on portability anymore. Along with 3 adjustable mode settings, you can mount any hardwood cleaning job and preserve every floor finish in no time.

Key features of ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner

  • Super-Fast operation

Surprisingly, it gets steam ready just in 30 seconds. Like even if you are in a rush to the office but you have enough mess to clean then from now on you can surely do that. Because you might don’t know when a guest shows up!

Anyways, it arrives with a big reservoir which can fit up to 340ml/11.5Oz tap water! More water means more cleaning. There’s no doubt your house carpets and floorings are gonna have a new look. And surely far better than it was.

  • 100% Child & Pet Safe

With 99.99% sanitization, it ensures your beloved child and pet’s safety. Instead of using harmful chemicals and adhesives, ThermaPro uses only distilled or tap water.

Leaving your home fresh and tidy it also combats with bacteria from your garments as well.

  • Diverse Use

It’s a multi-purpose steam mop including different accessories for specific cleaning purposes. However, you can use this versatile cleaner on tiles, floorboards and freshening carpets as well.

Initially, it works tremendously on hardwood and vinyl floors. Usually, it takes a lot of time and money to get rid of grimes from the hardwood floors.

But with that equipment, you’re gonna give the scariest nightmare to all the mess. And you don’t need to buy my words.

There are plenty of satisfied customers who bought it and never get over it.

Now, coming back to the accessories, it comes with 6 attachments as in window squeeze, straight nozzle, nylon brushes, mop cleaning pads, bent nozzles and a special surface scrubber which can wipe off the sticky and stubbornly mess.

  • 3 Adjustable Modes

The 3 adjustable modes support you to meet your specific cleaning requirements. Basically, the motive behind crafting each mode is to have control over the steam level. For instance, when you are trying to preserve the hardwood and vinyl finishes.

If you wanna do it in a low setting you can put the reservoir into 11.5Oz for 20-25 minutes. And for the maximum setting you can make it half of that.

  • Superbly Portable

Weighing only 2.2 pounds it becomes extremely user-friendly and handy as well. Even the hose is super flexible to fit dearly on your single palm. Now, it’s high time to stuck on heavy cleaning gears. Bring this little wonder at your home and surprise your guests every time they pay a visit.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Great price
  • Free replacement policy for 2 years
  • Imported
  • Ample sanitization
  • Requires regular pad washing


1. Does it clean laminate floors?

-Well, it doesn’t claim so, but I have seen many customers using it cleaning laminate floors and luckily it worked for them. Give it a try!

2. Can I wash the pads or I need to bring a new one after every cleaning?

– They are absolutely washable.

3. What if I ran out of pads or they don’t last?

– You can buy them according to their attachment fittings. Though it’s really tough to find the exact setting and irony is amazon didn’t even mention it. Maybe you might throw a second guess regarding this issue.