How to make sure you have a calm Christmas

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Prepare ahead of time and you'll enjoy a stress-free, relaxing Christmas.
Prepare ahead of time and you'll enjoy a stress-free, relaxing Christmas.

Prepare ahead of time and you’ll enjoy a stress-free, relaxing Christmas.

Planning for Christmas can be a headache, but only if you do it wrong. With the right combination of preparation and calmness, you can prepare everything from perfect gifts to Christmas dinner without ever breaking a sweat.

In this post, we’ll share seven tips and tactics that you can use to make preparing for this Christmas easier. Grab your notepad and jot down a few – they’ll certainly help you enjoy a more relaxed, less stressful holiday season this year.

Plan ahead of time

The key to a successful Christmas is planning. Plan ahead of time and make a list of the people you’ll be buying gifts for, guests you expect at Christmas drinks or dinner, overseas relatives you should contact and more.

Being prepared means there’s no last-minute guesswork involved in sending gifts and Christmas cards out. All it takes is an hour or two to jot down your Christmas preparation schedule and you’re ready to start shopping, wrapping and sending.

Make notes of gift ideas

Buying the perfect gift is difficult, especially for relatives and friends who you rarely, if ever, see. However, you might catch a glimpse of something perfect or get inspired with a great gift idea at the least expected moment.

Keep great gift ideas in your mind by making a note of them when you have them. A small notepad – or, alternatively, the note-taking app on your phone – lets you keep your gift ideas in one place so that you can remember even the most unusual items.

Order tricky gifts in advance

Are you searching for a rare, unique gift that’s perfect for a friend or relative? If it’s difficult to find in shops or online, make sure you order it ahead of time to ensure it arrives before Christmas Day.

From rare albums to custom artwork, some gifts can take a while to track down and buy. If you’re searching for the ultimate custom gift that could take a while to deliver to your home, make sure you start at least one month early.

Plan Christmas dinner early

Are you cooking for Christmas? Whether you’re opting for chicken, roast beef or any other favourite Christmas meal, it’s important to prepare ahead of time to make sure you have enough food ready for all of your guests.

Ask guests to RSVP at least one week in advance so that you can buy ingredients and start preparing before the last-minute Christmas rush. A week early is also the ideal time to stock up on wine, beer and other Christmas dinner drinks.

Keep notes of long-distance gifts

Do you have friends and family members living overseas? If so, they may have a gift in the mail with your name and address on it. Take note of long-distance gifts as you open them so that you can follow up with a note of thanks.

Noting down gifts and their senders is always a good idea, especially if your social circle is on the large side. Not only does it make sending out letters easier; it could also prevent an embarrassing blunder if you thank someone for the wrong gift!

Bulk order your Christmas cards

Do you buy your Christmas cards individually? Driving to the shops and buying your Christmas cards one-by-one might seem like the right thing to do, but it often takes a long time, especially if you have a big personal mailing list.

Instead of buying your Christmas cards individually in the local store, order them all in bulk online. Keep any leftover Christmas cards in a handy plastic storage box to rewrite for next year’s holiday season.

Relax and have a great time

Preparing for the perfect Christmas will help you avoid last-minute issues or stress, but it doesn’t guarantee relaxation. Before the big day, sit down and relax – after all, it’s the biggest holiday of the year.

Many of us may associate Christmas with trees, gifts and Santa Claus, but it’s really a holiday about connecting with your family. Relax, unwind and have fun with some of the most important people in your life on the one day everyone is invited to do so.