Suitcase Dreams: What to pack for your dream destinations

© Chaikin

© Chaikin

Where is your dream destination? From the beautiful Italian lakes to the remote and rugged mountains of Patagonia, everyone has a dream holiday that they’d love to go on if time and money weren’t factors.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of tropical heat, sun and humidity or the boutiques and bustling streets of Manhattan, these four suitcase dream packing tips will help you simplify the process of packing for your dream holiday.

Shopping and sightseeing weekend in New York City

Bustling streets, world class dining and some of the best shopping in the world all make New York City a shopaholic’s dream destination. Packing for New York City’s fast-paced lifestyle is simple if you’re used to life in London and other big cities.

Pack at least two pairs of comfortable shoes, since you’ll be doing plenty of walking no matter where you stay in New York. Leave the digital camera at home – it makes you stand out as a tourist – and pack your smartphone for snapping holiday photos.

Planning on shopping? Leave plenty of space in your suitcase for clothes, souvenirs and gadgets. Save valuable suitcase space by packing your clothes with one of our vacuum storage bags to triple the amount of extra gear you can fit in your suitcase.

Romantic and relaxing getaway in the Italian Lakes

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, the Italian Lakes are undoubtedly home to some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery. A favourite of the Ancient Roman elite, Lake Como and Maggiore are as charming today as they were centuries ago.

Packing for a summer holiday in the Italian Lakes is simple. Stick to comfortable and light summer outfits to deal with the heat and casual shoes for everyday wear. Pack at least one pair of sports shoes or boots if you plan on hiking or going on a day trip.

Planning on sunbathing? Pack a swimsuit and some comfortable summer shoes, as most of Como’s beaches are covered in pebbles. Don’t forget sunscreen and at least one pair of sunglasses to deal with the warm Italian sun.

Hot and humid tropical beach holiday in Koh Samui

Beautiful beaches, amazing food and year-round sunshine make the Thai island of Koh Samui one of Asia’s most popular destinations. Hot, sunny and exceptionally humid, Samui is a slice of tropical paradise for millions of visitors every year.

Feel like slipping away during summer? Packing for Samui is simple: stick to light clothes that breathe easily to fight the humidity, bring at least one pair of shoes to protect your feet on rugged walking trails and pack your favourite swimsuits.

Although most of Koh Samui’s beaches are developed and mosquitos aren’t much of an issue, it also pays to pack some bug spray. Beach essentials like flip-flops can be bought at the beach for competitive prices, making packing a nonissue.

Remote skiing and snowboarding trip in Patagonia

Think of Argentina and you’ll probably think of culturally and historically rich cities, excellent food and wine and… of course, the famous tango. Aside from the excellent culture, Argentina is also home to one of South America’s top skiing destinations.

Packing for a skiing or snowboarding trip in Patagonia is simple. Aside from your ski gear, make sure you bring a windproof coat and some comfortable hiking boots. The mountainous areas of Patagonia get chilly, so don’t forget plenty of thermal clothes.

Thinking of bringing a wheeled suitcase? Patagonia is rugged, so leave your suitcase at home and strap on your backpack instead. If you need to save space, vacuum pack your clothes before your trip to free up backpack space for souvenirs.