What is your travel packing personality?

By June 9, 2014 Travel No Comments

Have you ever boarded a long-haul flight with only a tiny backpack? Do you start to pack for a three-day holiday a week in advance? Do you have every travel gadget in the world, and still worry about being under-equipped for your next holiday? Everyone has a travel packing personality, whether they know it or now. Read on to discover six common travel packing personalities and discover which one is closest to your own.

overpacking luggage

The overpacker

The overpacker is prepared for any travel situation thanks to their three suitcases, two carry-on bags and seemingly endless collection of items. Frequently seen in the check-in line hoping that their third suitcase doesn’t exceed the weight limit.

You know you’re an overpacker when… you pack 10 different outfits for a one week trip, just so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

The minimalist

The minimalist can easily survive a two-week trip with less than three days worth of clothing. Frequently seen in the hotel laundry room waiting for tomorrow’s clothing to finish its spin cycle.

You know you’re a minimalist when… even after you’ve finished packing for a ten day holiday, your suitcase is closer to empty than full.

The backpacker

The backpacker avoids bringing a wheeled suitcase or compact bag, and packs all of their clothing into a backpack big enough for scaling Mt Everest. Frequently seen at the boarding gate, unpacking their entire backpack to find their iPod headphones.

You know you’re a backpacker when… you instinctively start packing your 60-litre backpack for every holiday, whether it’s a month of mountain trekking in Tibet or a long weekend in Marbella.

The executive

The executive packs the perfect clothes a two-day business drip, whether they’re on the way to Frankfurt for a conference or Bali for a beach getaway. Frequently seen in the shopping mall buying their swimsuit after they reach their destination.

You know you’re an executive when… you start to plan for a beach holiday by looking up serviced offices and checking the hotel’s Wi-Fi speed.

The tech addict

The tech addict travels the world, but spends half of their journey on their notebook, iPad and smartphone. Frequently seen waiting for their True Detective download to finish while everyone else is boarding the plane.

You know you’re a tech addict when… you consider yourself ‘overpacked’ when your portable hard drive is almost out of space.

The utilitarian

The utilitarian has a multipurpose item that prepares them for every possible travel situation, but their bag is closer to a minimalist than an overpacker. Frequently seen comparing microfiber towels to see which can absorb the most moisture.

You know you’re a utilitarian when… you hear the words “travel accessory” and think of a Swiss Army knife instead of an inflatable pillow.

Which type of travel packer are you?

Do any of the above travel packing personalities ring a bell? Everyone has a travel packing personality, whether they believe it or not. Next time you’re packing for a holiday, look at your bags and try and work out your travel packing personality.