What is Vacuum Storage?

They say ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ but here at Neat & Tidy, we rather quite like them (hands up, we admit it)! But what is a vacuum exactly? And we’re not talking about the large scary thing the dog barks at when you start cleaning the carpet of crumbs.


Now we’re not going to go all white labs coats on you just yet – don’t worry. But it’s important to understand exactly what a vacuum is in order to comprehend just how effective vacuum storage can be! A vacuum is a volume with no air particles in it at all. Imagine sucking air out of a sealed polythene bag – in fact when you go to the supermarket you see a form of vacuum in the meat aisle. Vacuum packing involves removing the air from the inside and then sealing the packing so it can’t get back in again. It keeps the meat fresh and tasty!

But where else might you see examples of vacuums in everyday life? When you slurp coca cola through a straw – and – when you breathe in air, you create a partial vacuum to allow the air (or coca cola) to flow in – both are examples of how the human body uses vacuums to function. Plus, the aforementioned (appropriately named) vacuum cleaner (aka hoover) has a suction mechanism to clear up your mess – another example of how housework has been *revolutionised* by science (gone are the days that we beat out the rug).

And it’s this mechanism a vacuum cleaner uses which brings us to our point (thank goodness you say *bamboozled by science face*): vacuum storage! Vacuum storage is rather like meat packing. Say you have some bulky pillows and duvets, which frankly, are taking up far too much room in your cupboard. If you were to – speaking hypothetically of course – place your bedding in one of our EZ Vac Large bags, zip-lock the bag and then place the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner into the opening and suck out the air, you would be pretty darned chuffed with the results. The vacuum cleaner sucks out the air particles within the fabric or feathers of your duvet – making it tighter, smaller and a more compressed package. This is why we say it triples your storage space – how amazing is that?

So that’s the essence of vacuum storage. It’s a beautiful thing, the meeting of science and housework – and now we want to share this life-changing thing with all of you.

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